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How to Get Back to Healthy Eating After the Holidays

written by Guest Blogger January 18, 2013

Even though I’ve been progressing in many areas of my life since January 1st (read about it in, What Have You Been Doing in 2013?), my eating habits could definitely use some work. Thank goodness for today’s guest post by Leon Harris who will help us get back on track with some very easy tips and tricks!

Were the holidays as good to you as they were to us? Indeed, there is no other time of the year that provides us with so many food options (and calories) as the holiday season. During Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, most of us tend to have the mindset of “eat now, deal later”. And yet, now that “later” is upon us (with both the calendar and bathroom scale telling us so), it’s time to get back to healthy eating.

Are you looking for some ways to do that? Ones that won’t be too hard or stress-filled? If so, we have five pretty fail-safe strategies to get you and your body back on (the right food) track:

Shop wisely.

The holiday season is not the time when people are looking to use as little oil, fat and sugar as possible. As a matter of fact, the cooking motto actually seems to be “the more, the merrier”. Now that you’re ready to get your body back into shape, make it a point to go grocery shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Also make sure to limit the amounts of dairy and meats that you eat. This kind of diet will help to regulate your system in no time.

Drink (more) water.

You definitely need to flush out your system and nothing accomplishes this better than water. If you would like to take it a step further and do a bit of an “easy on the body” detox, try taking a probiotic in the mornings along with a big tall glass of room temperature water. It will help to clean you out, for sure. (Editor’s Note: also read An Easy Gentle Cleanse for the First-Timer or A Safe, Enlightening 3 Day Fast.)

Try some magnesium & mushrooms.

It might sound like a bit of an odd combination, but you don’t technically have to take them together. We just wanted to make you aware of the fact that magnesium is a wonderful supplement that helps your body to better regulate its stress levels. As for the mushrooms, throw a few of them in your salads; they help to boost your immune system.

Make some smoothies.

If you overdid it on the sweets but you still have a pretty serious sweet-tooth, why not make some of your own smoothies? Fresh fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals (they’re like your own version of discount vitamins), honey and yogurt are filled with antibiotics and you can even put in a bit of fiber for that extra “umph” if you need it.

Cook at home.

There’s a pretty good chance that even over the holidays, you had a lot of home-cooked foods; however, what we mean by this tip is that sometimes there can be a temptation to do more fast-food eating when the leftovers run low. Most fast-food is filled with calories. Go online and look for some low-fat meals that you can make instead. Baked chicken or fish with some fresh vegetables along with some fruit juice with some mineral water in it can be a really wonderful meal that’s good to your taste buds while being great for your body.

About the Author

Leon Harris is a contributing writer for Health Testing Centers. Harris lives in Southern California, and enjoys eating healthy and exercising with his two Golden Retrievers.

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