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How to Get a Bodacious Beach Bod in Time for Summer

written by Head Health Nutter March 28, 2008

Spring is officially here, which means we have 3 months to prepare for the hot weather…and less clothing. If you’re slightly worried about peeling back the layers and baring skin, then this Bodacious Beach Bod Series is for YOU.

The next six posts will uncover a 6 step approach to weight loss that can easily fit into any lifestyle. Along with the tips at the end of each post, this series will help you develop tenacious, healthy habits. I know because I did it myself! I discovered this approach last year when I lost 25 pounds in 3 months and to this day continue to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Actually, not only have I managed to keep the weight off, I’ve lost a total of 43 pounds and 43 inches to-date!

This Bodacious Beach Bod Series focuses on nutrition and fitness (leaving out the cleansing for those who don’t believe in it). This 6 step approach will help you shed the gigglies and firm up those flabby muscles so you can take on the world! It will also increase your metabolism for long-lasting effects.

So get yourself geared up to take 6 steps closer to your health goals and make the most out of Spring…the beach bod is just a really cool side-effect.

Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman March 30, 2008 at 6:53 am

Thanks for this tip series as this long winter had me piling on some unwanted flab!

Steph March 31, 2008 at 8:32 pm

Glad to be of service, Emmanuel.
I’m feeling the winter weight, too, and will be glad to get a little lighter. 🙂

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[…] they should be consuming what they are putting into their bodies. The “beach body” ( http://livelighter.org/how-to-get-a-bodacious-beach-bod-in-time-for-summer/ )covers thousands of magazines and living in a sorority house has taught me that it is very […]


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