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How to Develop Organizational Skills & Become More Productive

written by Guest Blogger October 17, 2016

Who doesn’t want to do more in less time? We all have a ton of things to do and while we want them done, we also want to have our free time to play! Keep reading today’s article by blogger Kate Simpson for a tons of tips in how to be more organized and productive so we can lead more balanced lives. 

Take a look online and you will see plenty of hokum about productivity and organization. You will see figures such as how 30% of your day is wasted looking for misplaced items. This may be true for blind jugglers, but most people suffer from macro-productivity problems rather than micro-issue problems. For that reason, here are a few fundamental changes you should make to hone your organizational skills and become more productive.

Planning Pays the Piper

Even the hardest skeptics have to admit that more gets done in 24 hours if a day is planned out. Even if a plan doesn’t work, a worker is more productive because he or she is more aware of the time and what needs to be done. People are easily able to spin their wheels all day without getting much done and still feel like they have had a hard day and productive day. People that promote via social media will tell you that waste a lot of time if they do not start work with a plan (especially since social media is such a sneaky time vampire). The mistake that most people make is to create incentive plans because behaviorists have proved it only creates temporary compliance. Create simple plans full of targets and deadlines without punishments or rewards, and you will find yourself becoming more productive as the day goes on.

Start Earlier Rather Than Later

Not only are people that start early happier and healthier, they are also more productive. There is a lot of talk about people staying up later if they are intelligent, but there is no genuine scientific proof that staying up late means you are more intelligent, but there is proof that starting earlier makes you more productive. If you start earlier, you will also be more tired at night, which means you may get a better night’s sleep at a reasonable hour. Let the others believe that staying up late means they are more intelligent, meanwhile, you can be productive, organized, and you can snag that promotion before your competitors are still in their Cookie Monster slippers.

Track Your Time and Analyze Your Performance

Later in the article, you will find two tools that will help you track your time. If you wish to become more organized and more productive, you need to figure out where you are getting it wrong and where you are getting it right. Before you patch the leak in the boat, you need to figure out where the water is coming in.

If you log your productive time correctly without cheating and without missing sessions, you may figure out why you are more productive at some times and not at others. If you discover that you are unproductive during a certain time of the day, then you may use one of the stop clock tools listed mentioned on the “Online Stop clock” website and give yourself time limits. Giving yourself a time limit may help push you a little harder so that you are not as unproductive.

Be Creative – In Other Words – Cheat!

There are no links to scientific studies under this header because it is a personal tip. Cheating can be used as a productivity tool. Yes, it shifts the work to other people sometimes, and it sometimes it doesn’t work, and it is not a great long-term solution… but sometimes it is a massive time saver and productivity tool.

For example, you have a new client visiting your office, but your office is a mess because you told the cleaner not to work in your office until you have re-installed your shelves. Now, you could spend the day fixing up your office and miss out on a day’s worth of productive work. Or, you could ask a clean and well-organized co-worker if you can borrow his or her office and pretend to the client that it is yours.

For example, you have an unimportant written task and an important written task. If you do not complete the unimportant written task, then the issuer will be upset. You may spend your time on the important task and you may outsource the unimportant written task to another person or another company. The person that issued the important task will never know, and you avoid having to send him or her a muffin basket as an apology.

Handy Tools for Writers and Office Workers

Online Stop Clock

This website is amazing because it is filled with every type of stop clock you could ever wish for. You can use them online, or you can save the tool itself (not the software or app) on your desktop and open it with a web browser offline. Time yourself and have it ding when your task should be finished, or set up a clock that lets you know what task is next and how long you have for it. You can even set a clock that shows how much you are earning per hour, so you can see how much of your productive time you are using and how much you are wasting.


Outsource your work to another person if you cannot complete it yourself. Even if you can finish yourself, it may be more productive to allow an expert to complete your work because an expert can do it better, faster, and/or cheaper. The Assignment Masters team is full of academics who are able to produce well-researched and credible content very quickly.

Rescue Time or Toggl

Both are time tracking tools, and both are massively overpriced, but both have a free option that may be worth your while checking out. They allow you to record how much time you spend on different tasks and log the time. If you use the tool religiously, you are able to see which days you are the most productive, what times you are the most productive, and you may analyze your performance to help root out any productivity problems you have.

About the Author

Kate Simpson is a professional writer and editor. She works for assignment writing service where she is a senior content creator for various projects and also manages an editing team.

Do you have any organizing and productivity tips to add to this list?

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