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How to Detox (or How to Live Longer and Happier)

For those just tuning in, over the last week we’ve been talking about what it means to detox and cleanse your body. We discussed why we should detox and the signs of toxicity , where our bodies are saying:

“Hey! You! Your life-long buddy here, your BODY, is getting old and worn. I need a break from trying to process all the junk I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Help me!”

Giving Nature a helping hand

There are several things we can do everyday to help stop the influx of toxins, help our bodies flush the accumulated toxins out and heal the damage they cause:

  • Drink lots of water (add lemons for added super detox power)
  • Eat more fiber
  • Exercise (Cardio and strength-training)
  • Eat a diverse diet of natural, whole foods (fruits, veggies, grains, etc.)
  • Use a sauna or a hot, steamy bath regularly (being aware of the dangers, of course)
  • Eat only what you need to function in the day (i.e. stop eating when full)
  • Use more natural and eco-friendly products (the cardinal rule is if you can eat it, it’s safe for you to use)
  • Eat organic when possible
  • Stretch (yoga, pilates or whatever you know)
  • Sleep (get up at same time every morning and go to sleep when tired)
  • Meditate (use deep breathing techniques)
  • For one day a week, do a partial fast (i.e. eat only a healthy dinner) or juice fast (eat nothing but drink lots of herbal teas, water and juice split with good old H ² O)

Hmmm….much of this list sounds a lot like what you already know about healthy living, eh?

What happens to your body during detox

Referring once again to our trusty health manual, the Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Ed. , it explains what the body does when you’re fasting:

  • “The natural process of toxin excretion continues, while the influx of new toxins is reduced. This results in a reduction of total body toxicity.
  • The energy usually used for digestion is redirected to immune function, cell growth, as well as eliminatory processes.
  • The immune system’s workload is greatly reduced, and the digestive tract is spared any inflammation due to allergic reactions to food.
  • Due to a lowering of serum fats that thins the blood, tissue oxygenation is increased and white blood cells are moved more efficiently.
  • Fat-stored chemicals, such as pesticides and drugs, are released.
  • Physical awareness and sensitivity to diet and surroundings are increased.”

This last one is amazing! If you have any problems with emotional eating or overeating, detoxing, cleansing or fasting helps you reset your system (like rebooting a computer that’s on the fritz). Not only did I sever the emotional attachment to food, when I began to slowly reintroduce food back into my system, I was ultra aware so I could stop on cue when I was full!

After consulting your doctor about detoxing, cleansing and fasting, I highly suggest any person who lacks health conditions to prepare properly and JUST DO IT! I lost 25 lbs in 3 months and much of it was due to my month-long cleanse and two day fast last year.

After shedding that extra weight and especially during cleansing and the fast, life was so clear. There were no such things as problems because I had an instant solution for anything that came up. My mood became more stable, that is, I now have way more good days than bad days. I felt and looked better. To sum up my experience, because of my preparation, it was easy. And after my success, I made my whole life easier.

To wrap up this Detoxing Series, stay tuned for the next post “Detox Drink Recipes!”

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  • Thanks for all of the great posts, I love reading your blog (especially the smoothie recipes). Do you have any recommendations for a not-too-intense cleanse for a first-timer?

  • Hi Kelsey! Thanks for reading Live Lighter - I'm so glad that you find the posts helpful (I'll be sure to post more smoothie recipes). And thank you for your excellent question. It'll make a fabulous post, actually. Hope you don't mind waiting but I'd like to answer you thoroughly in an article, "An Easy Cleanse for a First-Timer." It'll be posted on Wednesday, March 12th. Be sure to check out the next post because the info there will be useful to your easy cleanse.