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How The 2010 TV Detox Works

written by Head Health Nutter December 21, 2009

TV addicts and those looking for an interesting New Year’s resolution alternative are doing the 2010 TV Detox! If you’re sitting on the fence, find out how it works in this short video blog post!

A few weeks ago I invited everyone to participate in a personal development group challenge,  The 2010 TV Detox. In that video, I explained the idea was to replace a certain amount of TV time with other personally meaningful activities for the entire month of January.

But a lot of details were left out so if you want to know what you’re committing to, check out this 1:20 minute video (see above).

*If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may see a white box rather than the video. I’m looking into how to fix this but for now, please access the video directly from YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-_9o6jwmag.

Special thanks goes to Emmanuel Lopez – Motivatorman for contributing his video production and musical skills for this video! Please visit http://motivatorman.com/ to learn more about Emmanuel’s varied talents as an award-winning illustrator, motivational specialist and social media consultant.

For the readers:

This is YOUR TV Detox so you’re free to do what you want! You decide how many and which TV hours you’ll detox; AND what activities you’ll replace your TV time with.

That said, this is what I envision:

  1. A 20 minute personal planning session
  2. We share our plans with each other before December 31st and start January 1st
  3. Then we check-in every Friday in January to share our challenges and accomplishments

Sound good?

If you need some ideas or an easy process to follow in creating your TV Detox plan, read “Your 20 Minute TV Detox Plan” which will be published on Wednesday, December 23rd. I’ll be sharing my personal TV Detox plan in that post and will be encouraging you to share yours there, too!

Stay up-to-date by signing up to have new posts delivered right to your email or feed reader. Thanks for tuning in and I can’t wait to see your 2010 TV Detox plans!

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman December 24, 2009 at 8:34 am

This TV Detox is a great idea Steph!

Can you post some of the facts of any negative frequency waves that emanate from a TV while watching? Some people actually say to unplug because it a TV still generates radiation!

Old wive’s tale or truth?


Head Health Nutter January 2, 2010 at 6:27 pm

This will make an AMAZING article, Emmanuel!

Thanks for your question and stay tuned for the blog post, “Is TV Poison?”


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