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How LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

written by Guest Blogger March 16, 2016

This is a great follow up to last week’s post, Six Reasons You Should Ger LASIK Already. Today’s guest article is written by Laura O’Donnell where she shares the benefits corrective eye surgery and real life stories where the procedure has changed lives! 

The term LASIK has been floating around our universe for some time now. Oddly enough, most of us aren’t really sure what the acronym stands for (that would be: laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) much less what it can accomplish – and for whom.

For a majority of the inhabitants of our planet, the mere thought of having a medical procedure performed on our eyes elicits fear. And so, LASIK isn’t something we would generally focus on (pun intended) for any length of time. But for those who have suffered with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism a good part of their lives, laser eye surgeries have offered a miracle – a procedure which can very literally change the way they view the world.

If you regularly wear reading glasses (which is pretty common for the over-40 crowd) then you know the frustration of having to find and put them on in order to do much of anything associated with non-verbal communication.

From deciphering the cooking directions on food packages to the joy of kicking back with a hardback book, fuzzy letters have become way too familiar in our everyday lives. Recognize yourself in that scenario? Now imagine walking through your life in a world in which reading glasses don’t exist.

Living with Poor Vision

Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of vision problems which generally require people to wear corrective lenses.

To understand what potential candidates for LASIK eye surgery (and LASEK or PRK alternatives) must deal with, you can begin by assuming it’s a whole lot more than can be resolved by purchasing a pair of assorted reading glasses from your nearest store’s pharmacy aisle. In their world, eye exams are required regularly, and the combination of medical and prescription glasses (adjusted several times as they grow older) can be quite costly for the average family to absorb.

Myopia (nearsightedness) occurs when the cornea has too much curve or the eyeball is too long. It makes focusing on things more than a few feet away (like driving, TV, and active sports) difficult without eyestrain. Almost the opposite, hyperopia (farsightedness)is present when the cornea doesn’t have enough curvature – so close objects don’t come into focus – making tasks such as sewing or working on a laptop nearly impossible without corrective lenses. Astigmatism is caused by either an out-of-round cornea or non-symmetrical lens, giving the patient blurry or distorted vision.

Elective Surgery is a Choice

Along with the right to choose comes the gift of time to research and gather all the information you need to feel confident in your decision. Elective cosmetic surgeries which change the way you look may boost your self-confidence – but that should never be the only reason for having an operation.

On the other hand, a ‘quality of life’ procedure (such as LASIK) with a history of great results and a very short recovery time just might be worth your consideration. If you’ve lived with impairment of any kind for years, having the chance to correct it can be an exciting opportunity.

Sadly, sometimes the choice is made for you – if having corrective eye surgery is out of your reach financially. You may just qualify for a payment plan and find in the long run that you’ve saved continuous exam and prescription costs. Occasionally, there are donations or special gifts from strangers. One example of this took place not long ago on an episode of a TV show called Undercover Boss, Nestle Toll House Café y Chip

For Roberto, GM of Houston’s Nestlé Toll House Café, showing CEO Shawnon Bella how to decorate a birthday cake cookie was not only second nature, but a thing of beauty – and pride. Roberto wore triple-thick eyeglasses, a sign of having a lengthy history of RX upgrades. But it didn’t stop him from loving his work. He said he hoped someday that corrective surgery would let him get rid of his ‘coke bottle’ glasses. Happily, the end of the show brought the gift of a LASIK procedure, and also paid for his dream to go to pastry school.

And, his life will never be the same.

Other Stories

One valuable resource is finding testimonials from those who have already experienced exceptional results. There aren’t as many personal testimonies out there as you may think. The advertisements popping up in your search are quite intent on taking over the first page or two of results, and they pay well to be found when you type in keywords such as ‘price of LASIK’ or ‘reputable LASIK surgeon.’

But if you delve a little further, there are some telling videos available, where a real person has shared their very own LASIK experience.

Here are two very personal examples:

First there is Michael, a middle-aged 3-year veteran of LASIK surgery. He relates that while he was extremely apprehensive, the cautionary approach his physician took gave him reassurance. Some of the new found freedoms that Michael now enjoys include swimming and motor sports. The clip clearly shows how happy he is with his decision – even three years after his procedure.

Next, we found a 16 minute video composed by a fun-loving 34-year old young lady named Rachel. Nearsighted, with a stigmatism in her left eye, Rachel has worn corrective eyeglasses since the 2nd grade. Her journey is bluntly and engagingly documented, from pre-surgery jitters and unanticipated extra prescription costs, to tears of joy for having made the decision. She takes the time to answer several questions posed by friends, such as: how long the procedure took, what it felt like afterward, fears vs. reality, etc.

Interested in changing your sight for life? Consider looking at your local options for eye surgeons who perform LASIK, and getting a LASIK evaluation to know if LASIK is the best choice for you.

About the Author

Laura O’Donnell writes smart content on behalf of the eye doctors at EyeCare 20/20. As an avid writer and learner, she loves to use her skills for engaging others in important topics in creative and effective ways. When she is not working, she loves meeting new people, traveling, and bringing her Pinterest dreams to life. Find her on LinkedIn.

Have you had LASIK eye surgery? Are you thinking of getting it done? Please share your thoughts and feelings about corrective eye surgery!

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