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How Emotional Eating Affects Bloggers (& Other Sedentary Occupations)

written by Guest Blogger July 12, 2012

Oh wow, can I ever relate to today’s guest post by Latasri! If you work in an office, especially at home, and your job requires hours in front of the computer, then read today’s post to gain some awareness behind our mindless eating habits. 

There is a lot of research in the field of nutrition that comes out daily and so many books that talk about the next best diet but the fact still remains that many people continue their fight against weight gain. This is particularly true for some sedentary professions, such as blogging.

There are many factors that influence how a person gains weight apart of the amount of food they consume, and for someone who works as a blogger, stress on the job can lead to an increase in appetite and emotionally-tied food consumption. For someone who works in the field of blogging, factors that precipitate emotional eating can have many causes.

Here are some of the common catalysts that would drive someone who blogs to become an emotional eater:

How bloggers exaggerate on their eating habits as a view of overcompensating for times alone

This is something that happens to me a lot. I spend every hour of the day during the week from Monday to Friday working on my blog. During that time I miss interaction with my friends. But when Saturday comes I overdo eating with my friends to compensate for the time I missed.

Working in a home office can keep a person in the same area for prolonged periods of time and away from any social interaction.When eventually there is time for being social, the elapsed time can be so long that the blogger exaggerates their eating habits as a way of overcompensating for those times when they were restrained.

Emotional eating in a social setting can feel good at the onset; the liberation a person feels when they finally eat a whole bowl of chips as their “job well done on the blog” prize, but in the log run it can become regrettable especially when it becomes unwanted weight gain.

How bloggers nervousness leads to overeating

Nervousness is a major cause of overeating as reported by some of the world’s biggest diet organizations, such as Nutrisystem and Medifast. Bloggers get anxious a lot, it is a common event that happens when they have a deadline they can’t meet, or suffer from writers block.

Most of the time people resort to eating to alleviate the anxiety that they feel. Sometimes simple things such as sweets or constantly drinking soda to relieve the anxiety can lead to devastating effects on a person’s weight.

Why food can become a powerful comforter and reward mechanism

A lot of people have fond memories during their childhood that are driven by a satiation that comes from consuming food. It can be an affiliation for sweets to relieve the pain of a wound or a meal that has sentimental meaning that may be related to success or elation. Attachment to certain kinds of food is fairly common.

For a lot of bloggers food can become a powerful comforter and reward mechanism for both accolades and challenges. A lot of bloggers have a tendency to relive their emotional attachment to food because of its convenience and pacifying capacity during times of anxiety and stress.

Whether its to celebrate a successful blog or to mask frustration for a badly reviewed article, eating to cope can become a fairly common activity.

How bloggers deal with fear and anger by eating more

Another reason why bloggers become emotional eaters can be attributed to managing uncomfortable emotions. In an effort to pacify confrontation or frustration one can resort to eating instead of openly communicating about their feelings. Food can become a coping mechanism when it comes to managing anger and fear.

There may be more reasons why someone who blogs can become an emotional eater; it is a practice that is pretty common. One can avoid the pitfalls of emotional eating by managing the instances and situations that trigger it, and trying to come up with more productive methods of managing stress where the body can stay healthy and fit.

About the Author

Latasri is part of a team at weightlossdiets4women.com. This is a website that is dedicated to enlighten women about health, diet, fitness and weight loss. Visit this page for more info on several diets available for fitness enthusiasts.

Sometimes I eat while working on the computer to wake myself up a bit and get the old noggin working again if it’s sluggish. If you find yourself eating almost mindlessly in front of the computer, why do you think you do it?

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