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How Does a Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

written by Guest Blogger April 20, 2015

Today’s guest blogger, Stevan McGrath, shares with us how a Vegan diet assists in weight loss.

Is a vegan diet just what your doctor ordered? If you want to lose weight and improve your health then this dietary program has some benefits to offer. This is a step beyond that traditional vegetarian diet and fewer foods are allowed. For those who believe in a naturalistic approach to health the vegan lifestyle is a good option to consider. For those individuals who have a deep spiritual belief in the sanctity of life for humans and all other animals the vegan diet will be a good option.

Remember that this is not the easiest diet to follow, especially if you are used to meats, eggs and dairy items. There will be some adjustments that you must make, and some tough food choices are going to be placed on your table. If you are open to the idea then why not discover how vegan diet helps you to lose weight?

Vegan Diet Contains Fewer Calories

When you choose a vegan diet your available foods are going to be severely limited. No meat. No fish. No dairy. No eggs. Vegans also avoid those refined carbohydrates, processed foods, sugars and all artificial sweeteners. If you stay completely true to the strict vegan beliefs it is also recommended to avoid consuming alcohol and any products that contain caffeine.

What you will eat is a plentiful supply of fresh fruit; fresh garden vegetables, whole grains, soy-based products, seeds and nuts. Tofu may become one of the main proteins for your diet.

Obviously these foods are not known to contain an abundance of fat, protein or sugar. Even if you eat large amounts of vegan approved food you will still consume a relatively low number of calories. Both vegetarians and vegans tend to consume less food and calories when compared to those individuals who indulge in a regular diet that includes unlimited carbs, meats, fats and sugars.

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Reasons for Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet

One reason is that people tend to eat less when they are adhering to a vegan dietary regimen. On a standard (omnivore) diet you can indulge in a variety of foods, tastes and textures that people find pleasing to all their senses. The aromas and visual appeal of bacon, eggs, cakes and ice cream create culinary temptations that are difficult to resist. Food is viewed as tasty, pleasing and rewarding. This can, of course, lead to over-eating and consumption of excess calories.

Vegans have a number of food restrictions that must be observed. Vegan diets are designed for the maintenance of life and health, not personal enjoyment.

A second reason that a vegan is going to consume fewer calories is that their food choices are nutritionally dense. Foods such as leafy greens and whole wheat breads are packed with fiber, vitamins and essential minerals. A vegan meal can often result in a full stomach even though the calorie total is relatively small.

A third reason that a vegan diet can help someone lose weight is due to the elimination of the foods that are most closely associated with obesity. You are not allowed to drink sodas. Most cakes and pies are going to be off-limits. Dairy based ice-cream is prohibited. No more ham and egg breakfasts. Bacon is forbidden. Steaks, butter-basted seafood, fried chicken and many other foods must be avoided. When your diet consists primarily of tofu, legumes, veggies and fruit it can be very difficult for an individual to find solace and pleasure in the meals that they are eating.

No Counting Calories

Vegans do not worry about counting calories. For some individuals who want to lose weight the opportunity to avoid calorie counting is a definite plus.

A vegan diet can be so severely restrictive that you can fail to consume adequate amounts of calcium, protein, B12, iron, zinc or Vitamin D. In addition to creating a well-balanced vegan meal plan it is suggested that you enlist the guidance of a professional dietitian or physician to help you select approved foods that fulfill all of your nutritional needs.

Rethinking Food

Essentially you will be revamping your ideas about the purpose of food. If you can make the adjustments to a vegan diet it is possible to lose weight and improve your overall physical health and wellness. Vegans consider food as a tool. Meals are fuel for the body and they believe that nuts, seeds, veggies, soy, tofu and whole grains are the best choices available.

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About the Author:

Stevan McGrath has done bachelor’s degree in health administration from George Washington University. He is an Independent health researcher, who loves to explore and write about health condition. He is currently living in Washington DC helping the victim to evaluate their disorders. He is a contributing writer for consumerhealthdigest.com, academia.edu and other websites since 2011. His articles are well-researched and published on several websites. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for daily inspiration.

Do you follow a vegan diet? What are the benefits for you?

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