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How Do You Manage Abundance?

written by Head Health Nutter July 22, 2012

While many people say, “I don’t have enough _____.” (fill in the blank), in reality we live in an abundant Universe! It’s when we fail to manage our abundance that we find ourselves in debt. Let’s put our head’s together so we can learn to make healthier choices and always live abundantly!

Whether we’re talking about time, money, love, food, people, etc… our choices in what we do with our abundance determines whether or not we remain abundant or become deficient. For instance, when we continue to overeat, consume unhealthy foods and refuse to increase our exercise, we become abundant in fat and deficient in nutrients which leads to lack of energy and self-confidence.

Another good example is money. How do you spend your money? Is it on frivolous “stuff” that fills your home, substances that comfort you at the time, or gifts that subconsciously you buy so people like you? Do you spend more than you make? Do you save for an emergency? Are you making enough money to live comfortably now while being able to take care of your future needs?

Last year for my birthday I received Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s book, “Debt-Free Forever” and discovered exactly how I’ve been living my life and managing my money that has resulted in a lifetime of struggling financially.

I’ve changed much of what I’ve been doing so that I can get better results but, like managing weight with food and exercise, all of it is habit which takes conscientious effort (at first) and time to change permanently.

So I`m still working at it. 🙂

I have a feeling that most of us have successes in managing abundance in some areas of our lives, while we have challenges in other areas.

Some of us are spiritually abundant but haven’t a clue in how to spend, save or make money. Some of us are socially abundant but fail to spend enough time alone to get clear on what is most important to us, what we want out of life and what we need to do to achieve it (without outside influences).

Regardless of which area of life we’re talking about, all of it comes down to choice. We must say, “yes” to some things and “no” to the rest (or “no more” because too much of a good thing…). But how do we make these choices? And sometimes they can be HARD choices, especially when we`ve become emotionally attached to them or they are comfortable or convenient.

An example here could be a lover. You once received an abundance of love from this person and things have changed, or you continue to get love from this person but it`s a selfish love and you realize that they don`t bring out the best in you. It`s a hard choice because it`s comfortable, but you know for your happiness, it`s best to say, “no” to spending any more time with this person so you can say, “yes” to another person who is more suitable to your health and well-being.

This is a biggie but there are smaller, less serious choices to make on a daily basis. I was speaking with someone on Facebook just yesterday who mentioned how much there is to do downtown. How does he know what activity to choose that will net him the most pleasure for his time and money?

Well, he said he did come up with a system but left it a mystery at the time. Maybe he`ll comment on today`s blog post? (hint, hint, Nigel!)

I like to believe that there are no “wrong” choices. Every choice simply has a consequence. As intelligent beings, we have the capacity to think ahead and speculate on the various possible results of our actions. If I have $15, for instance, I could spend it on a bottle of wine OR I could set that $15 aside for a vacation at a later date!

How do YOU manage your abundance? In what life areas do you excel at in managing and which ones do you recognize need a little change? Please share your wisdom and your challenges and maybe, just maybe, we can help each other out so we can live abundantly all the time!

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