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How Beliefs Make Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Easy

written by Head Health Nutter March 19, 2008

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever continued to do something even after you became aware that it was self-destructive? Isn’t it frustrating to know that an otherwise intelligent human being is being controlled by some unseen force? While it is invisible, the good news is that it is within us. Which means that we can control it!

This unseen force that appears to control your actions is your subconscious mind. You know…that automatic part of your mind that allows you to operate a lawn mower while thinking about the rest of your evening? It stores your beliefs and, according to Gandhi, your beliefs predict your behaviour.

The subconscious knows no reason, just what it’s been taught. Your conscious mind is logical. So when you identify a learned behaviour that no longer suits the life you want to lead, and even though you’ve consciously made the decision to change the behaviour, you may still need to change your mind .

There has to be a major switch from the belief that “fill in the blank doesn’t affect me” to “fill in the blank is going to make my life a whole lot better!”

What does it mean to be “health conscious”?

Being health conscious means a belief in the value of being healthy. It means that you deliberately make choices based on whether they are first and foremost conducive to maintaining or gaining health.

It’s easy to make healthier choices when you really believe that you’re going to benefit now and in the long run. Ask any doctor and they will confirm that YOU have the power to control how you feel. You can cure any misery with leading a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy increases the quality of your life, reverses the aging process and lengthens your life!

When you’re healthy, you feel good more often. When you’re healthy you have the ability to fully appreciate life on a more consistent basis. To be more in the moment. To give more. To enjoy others more. To laugh more. To smile more.

Your life becomes easier when you’re healthy. You worry less, solutions to any problem just pops into your head and you have the ability to lead a relatively stress-free life.

Changing your beliefs is the hardest part.

Try it on for size: health makes you stronger in body, mind and spirit. This belief will be the single thing that will allow you to change your habits forever. As our old friend Gandhi suggests, your beliefs become your destiny.

You have to be convinced, though. Truth is subjective. Each of us decides what is true based on our accumulated knowledge to-date. We change our minds only when we are persuaded with new information.

  1. Open your mind to the possibilities.
  2. Research and decide what information sounds true to you. But always be aware of the source and any hidden agendas they may have (a.k.a. trustworthiness of a source) and always question what you read…including this post!

Truth is based purely on what we know right now. It does not include what we don’t know yet; we are all scientists. Find your truth in the matter.

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