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Home Remedies for the Flu

written by Guest Blogger November 2, 2015

Flu season is here! If you want a few home remedies for the flu, keep reading as guest blogger, Ella, shares her ideas. 

It strikes fast and strikes hard, even in the middle of home cleaning. You suddenly feel your efforts wane as your body tires and you can no longer continue with the carpet cleaning as you stop to deal with a sneezing fit and runny nose. During flu season, you need to focus on taking care of yourself, and so you should take measures at the first signs of something even resembling the tedious disease.

But you should avoid the nearest pharmacy to order a bag-load of over-the-counter drugs. This is the fastest way to poison yourself or ruin your immune system. There is a much gentler method for dealing with flu, more than one even, and most of them are found in your kitchen. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and find ways to battle the nasty disease without even having to spend a dime:


Sweating is a natural part of getting better. Sweating means your system is fighting off the disease and it is literally releasing from your body. Keep hydrated though, and flushing out your body with as much water as you’re losing. If you can, find a way to humidify the room you spend the most time in. A humidifier is the best solution but if you’re stuck, place several pots filled with water on your heaters. If your heating system doesn’t allow this, simply place them around the room.


Doctors will often tell you, drink more liquids. This is smart advice as you do need to consume lots of liquids, namely water, to keep your body functioning optimally. Consuming liquids will save you from a parched throat and will help you fight off dry coughing which could damage your throat. Taking in liquids is also a good way to fight off the drawbacks of loss of appetite – while you may not want to eat, you can still drink to keep your system going. And if you are not a big fan of water, you can instead drink lots of juice – beside the liquid intake, it will also give you some extra vitamins.

Just be wary to choose juices that actually offer vitamins and not simply stronger colorants…

Tea is a great way to increasing your water intake. Some consider tea as the most helpful homemade medicine you could get your hands on. With the variety of herbs offered in many teabags, it not only gives you the liquids you need to thin mucus secretions and keep your fluids flowing, but it also offers small medicines that help your immune system to battle off the disease. Tea should be your best friend and you should drink as much as you can as soon as the first symptoms of the flu appear.


The Chinese have nailed down this little helper as your throat’s best friend. A tablespoon of honey a day will do wonders for your body, and if you seek out a few homemade medicines that involve honey you can make your own remedy.

For example, the very basic recipe is: mix a tablespoon of honey with hot water and drink twice to three times a day to cure a variety of throat-related pains. Honey has its own helpful contents that help with the battle against flu and can offer you a lot if you know how to use it. And even if you do not – just consuming raw honey is good enough to know that you are doing your body good.

Fruits and Vegetables

When you are sick, you need vitamins. This is the oldest truth as vitamins help keeping your immune system intact and provide your body with the strength it needs to battle a variety of germs. And the best place to find vitamins is the garden. Fruits and vegetables will supply you with every single vitamin under the sun, from the very basic vitamin C found in abundance in citric fruits, to the rarer vitamin groups found only in some vegetables. Constant vitamin intake is of utmost importance, so provide your system with constant cleaning from the inside this way.

Lemon, more specifically, will do wonders for your body if you start using it more often. Yes, the sour taste is not for everybody, and if you do not like lemon, then you will not like any recipe that comes with it, but this fruit’s acidic properties have served as a flu remedy ever since ancient times. In a hot beverage, lemon’s sourness is barely felt, and all the while it is an awesome cleanser for all sorts of fungi, germs and bacteria – lemon does not only work as a homemade tool for sink and oven cleaning, it will do the same for your body.


Ah, the wonders of the soup. A chicken soup is considered the best home anti-flu medicine ever made, and many people even refuse to take actual medicine, relying on the effects of the good old homemade soup. Ask your grandmother if you need to take aspirin and antibiotics, and she will respond with an instantaneous cooking session that will result in you calmly sitting down and eating your chicken or vegetable soup. Soups have literally all that you need during a cold: liquid, vitamins from the vegetables, food to keep your strength, and they are hot enough to keep the body warm and humid.


Ginger tea is another tool you have available to help your body fight off the flu, and if it does not, at least it helps you feel more comfortable. Ginger root has some medicinal properties and it helps preventing nausea, keeping your body fed and ready for the flu’s effects.

In conclusion, do not be so quick to run off to buy medicine and fill your body with chemicals that might or might not help. What you need in case of flu symptoms is to rummage through the kitchen drawers and find some of the aforementioned products. Use them to boost your immune system and you can simply rest while your body fights off the disease on its own. Nearing the end of your flu, consider protecting your body from the outside with professional house cleaning and after you’re completely healed, you will be free and ready to do all the house cleaning you want.

About the Author

This article is granted by Ella A. an avid blogger, freelance writer and home décor enthusiast. She likes to write about healthy living, home maintenance and decoration. Her greatest joy is to share helpful tips and advises with readers from all over the world.

What’s your favourite flu home remedy?

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