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Home Grown Fresh Peppermint Tea

written by Head Health Nutter October 24, 2010

There’s nothing like a hot mint tea to relax the body, settle the belly and take the edge off of bad breath. It’s alright in the bag from the grocer, but even better when it’s fresh out of the garden! The video in today’s post shows us how to dry mint for home grown loose leaf tea.

My neighbour’s peppermint patch spread throughout his back yard and lucky for me, he gave me a few handfuls. I brought it home and hung it up to dry in the window. Today I took it down, de-stemmed it, and steeped some of it in my tea cup diffuser.

The fresh home grown peppermint tea was fragrant and delicious, better than store bought, but I had expected it to be more potent. I even rubbed it in my hands to get it warm to release the natural oils in the leaves (a tip from another neighbour). After a little research, I found out why.

Apparently, light evaporates the oils in leaves and degrades the taste of herbs.

Did you check out the 8 minute video where Howard Schechter introduces us to the pleasures of growing your own mint and how to prepare it for winter?

A big thank you to Howard for this helpful information, especially his tip on how to make a home made ventilation bag to dry your herbs in. My next home grown mint tea (which looks like a few months from now) will be even more delicious!

I’m accepting my neighbour’s offer of peppermint seeds and will plant my own mint patch next year. Do you grow your own?

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