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Healthy Planning for Your Vacation

written by Guest Blogger August 22, 2013

I just moved  from Toronto back to the Ottawa area and thankfully I had a chance to read today’s guest post by Cole Millen before I started packing. Thanks to these tips, I properly planned for the move and was able to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet instead of making the move an excuse to indulge in fast food!  

When it comes to diet and exercise, staying on track is much easier when you stick to a routine. But what happens when your routine is interrupted? Visiting with family and even fun-filled vacations can wreak havoc on even the strictest of diets and exercise regimens. Thankfully, though, there are all kinds of ways to stay on track while traveling. The following tips will help you make healthier choices for the duration of your trip.

A Healthy Journey

We’ve all heard the saying, “life is a journey, not a destination.” When it comes to dieting, the journey can be the biggest challenge.

Traveling, whether on a plane, train or by bus or car, doesn’t exactly conjure up images of fresh, healthy, well-balanced meals. On the contrary, most travelers give in to overly processed, fatty foods and high-calorie beverages. However, the following tips can help travelers stay on track in the diet department.

Last-minute packing can throw a wrench in an eating schedule. This not only increases the risks of overeating, but it also leads to bad judgment in the food department. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to eat a healthy meal prior to takeoff. The best foods to eat before traveling include those that provide clean, slow-burning energy: think whole grains, lean proteins and colorful veggies or fruits.

It’s not necessary to splurge while traveling. When driving, seek out quick spots that specialize in fresh, healthy options. Also, most airlines offer vegetarian meals and other healthy options: for guilt-free noshing, they’re the way to go. Nothing curbs the urge to splurge on unhealthy foods like fresh, nutritious snacks. A few great options include dried or fresh fruits, sliced veggies, vegetable chips, yogurt, hummus, etc. Oh, and don’t forget the water! Those beverage calories really add up.

Do Your Research

Upon reaching their destination, many travelers feel the need to go all-out in the eating department. However, while there’s nothing wrong with exploring new foods on vacation, throwing caution to the wind can lead to weight gain, indigestion and a host of other complications. Instead, try these healthy tips:

A quick Internet search can help travelers find healthy hotels and restaurants in practically any area. Plus, the Internet is a great resource when it comes to finding health-friendly cities. For keeping up with your fitness regimen, hotels with gyms, pools and other amenities are a must. Often times restaurants and hotels can both be misleading to get customers in for business. Consumer reviews are definitely the way to go when doing your research. I recently took a trip out west and found a great site that listed reviews for Las Vegas hotels and the amenities offered, as well as the restaurants in the area. These reviews were a lifesaver and made it easier than ever to remain healthy both in and out of the hotel.

It is very important to find healthy places to eat while you are on your vacation. Nearly all restaurants have menu options that won’t ruin a diet. For example, most have vegetarian meals as well as those that feature grilled, baked or broiled fish or chicken. Plus, skipping the dinner rolls and choosing veggie sides can keep fat and calorie intake to a minimum. It is all about sifting through the unhealthy foods and finding the healthy choices without sacrificing flavor. Don’t be afraid to made a special request for a meal, as nearly all restaurants will cater to a specific desire.

A vacation is no excuse to make unhealthy choices. With the tips provided here, enjoying a healthy vacation is simple.

About the Author

Cole Millen, is an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.” Follow his blog at Cole’s Mill.

As I was packing and preparing to move, I made sure I had plenty of fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, as well as foods on hand to make a few quick healthy meals, like lettuce wraps with smoked salmon, tzatziki and green onion! Do you have any tips for healthy travelling? 

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Sarah Blunt August 24, 2013 at 8:23 am

This is a nice article. I usually have a problem maintaining my diet and workout routines when travelling. Anyway, this article is really great. From now on, I will research some more before going to my destination. 😀


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