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Healthy & Natural Detox Diets: Types & Benefits

written by Guest Blogger September 21, 2012

After reading The Dangers of Cleanse & Detox Diets, you may decide detoxing is not right for you. However, for those of you who do believe in the benefits of detox diets, you’ll like this next post in our cleansing series. Today guest blogger, Abie, shares with us 5 popular detox diets to consider.  

With all the incurable diseases emerging these days, people are realizing health is wealth. It is very important to prioritize our health so we can function well and be effective in our day-to-day activities. Not only that, we want to live longer to gain experiences and treasure moments with our kids, friends and families. Basically, we want a fulfilling life made more enjoyable by being healthy and strong.

One way of maintaining our good health is a detox diet. Detox diets or detoxification is cleansing your body by using natural and healthy food high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Another key to a detox diet is where the food  is rich in fiber, essential for smooth digestive system functioning. This process helps remove toxins easily from your body, keeping it healthy. The foods rich in fiber are fruits, vegetables, wheat, nuts, oats, brown rice and more.

Keep in mind that there are actually different types of detox diets. Here a just a few:

  1. The Raw Food Diet. This type of diet mainly includes raw and unprocessed food, uncooked leafy vegetables, fresh and dried fruits. These raw foods can be eaten by various methods adding some flavors to make it tasty. Salads and juices are popular in the Raw Food Diet. This type of diet promises you to lose weight as long as you follow the rules and avoid dairy, fried food, cookies, bread and pasta.
  2. The Fat Flush Diet. The fat flush diet is done in three phases. Each phase allows you to consume a certain number of calories. Once you have lost weight, you can maintain the 1,500 calories or more on your diet. Fat Flush Diet will help boost metabolism, reduce fluid retention and support weight loss. Take note that exercise is an important part of this program.
  3. The Green Smoothie Diet. This type of diet includes fruits and vegetables combined and blended by a blender making them easier to digest without losing the nutrition that comes with it. The green smoothies give you high fiber to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  4. The Fast Track Detox Diet. The fast track detox diet promises a boost in metabolism, gets rid of toxins and help you lose 8 pounds overnight. Certain types of food to be avoided include fats, sugar, refined carbohydrates, gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, barley), soy protein isolates, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine.
  5. The Master Cleanse Diet. The most popular detox diet based on the maple syrup and lemonade combination. By drinking lemonade and maple syrup everyday for 2 weeks, you sure will lose weight. Cayenne Pepper must also be included in the drink. It improves blood circulation making you function better and avoid diseases.

With these different types of detox diets, I believe that it all comes down to the same benefit – to detoxify the body to make it healthy and strong. So take a pick among these types of detox diet and see which one would work on your lifestyle and even culture. Sometimes, all it takes is a right diet and good determination to finally achieve the weight that you’ve been aiming for, for years.

About the Author:

Abie is a blogger who works as a content writer in Andy’s website. This is a health website where you can get health tips, promo codes for meal delivery service like Medifast code and more.

I’ve done my own cleanse combining the Green Smoothie Diet and the Master Cleanse. It worked wonders! The increase in my energy alone was worth resisting a few favourite foods for a month or so. Have you tried any of these or other detox diets?

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