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Healthy Gift Ideas for Any Price Range

written by Guest Blogger December 17, 2014

Alright, Live Lighter readers, this is the last of the last-minute holiday-related submissions! And just in time for the last-minute shoppers out there! Read today’s guest post by Adrienne, who gives us a total of 10 gift ideas (with different price points) for those on your list wishing for a little health this season.   

Living healthy can often be a little pricey, not to mention a challenge during holidays that revolve around food. That’s why a healthy gift is the perfect gift for friends and family this holiday season!

dead-sea-mineral-soapWhatever your price range, you’ll find multiple healthy presents to choose from and surprise people with this year:

Under $25

1. Dead Sea Mineral Soap: $2.85

For someone into beauty, relaxation or anything organic, this dead sea soap is a great choice. It exfoliates, cleanses deeply and is made from all-natural ingredients.

pasta-portion-cup2. Portion Control Pasta Basket: $8.50

Perfect for someone who counts calories and watches their diet, this strainer measures out the appropriate amount of pasta for meals. It’s not limited to pasta, however. You can also use it for vegetables or fish.flavour-infuser-water-bottle

3. Flavor-Infuser Water Bottle: $15

This is great for anyone who likes to exercise or drinks a ton of water. It has a special compartment to keep the fruit and water separate so you can add any type of fruit you want. It’s healthier than buying powdered mixes and reduces the use of plastic bottles.


1. Acupressure Mat: $29.87

accupressure-matFor someone who suffers from back pain or needs to relax after an intense workout, this mat can help. Thousands of acupressure points reduce back, hip, shoulder pain and much more, contributing to better circulation, sleep and digestion.

energy-light2. Energy Light: $39.95

This little box is good for anyone who gets a case of the winter blues. It emits natural light to combat the depressing effects of winter like tiredness and irritability, and because it’s so small it can fit in any home.


1. Striiv Smart Pedometer: $59.99

For those runners or hikers, a pedometer always comes in handy. This one, however, goes beyond the normal features by charting your progress, motivating and challenging you, and providing you with entertaining games.

2. Women’s Running Shoes: $65

Sneakers are an awesome gift for anyone into exercising or whoever needs a good pair of shoes. These particular sneakers are breathable and lightweight. They’re also a long-term investment so the recipient will use this gift for a while.convertible-workout-jacket

3. Convertible Workout Jacket: $90

If you know a girl who constantly going between the gym and regular activities, then this jacket is for her. It converts in many different stylish ways to fit whichever activity or location she happens to be in.


1. Tea of the Month Club Membership: $100-175

For any tea lovers out there, this is a good gift to keep them stocked with all the world’s best and rarest teas. Memberships can be purchased for six or twelve months, so they will be able to enjoy your gift all year long.tea-of-the-month

2. INSANITY DVD Workout: $144.80

If you know someone who loves to exercise or is looking for a new way to push him/herself, consider this collection of INSANITY DVDs. Ten discs provide you with a personal trainer who leads you through intense drills and aerobic exercises, and it includes online access to help you stay motivated and gain online peer support.

insanity-dvd-setIf you haven’t finished shopping yet, it’s not too late – many retailers offer expedited shipping options to make sure your gift arrives on time and in good condition. Also, in the days leading up to the holidays many brick and mortar retailers have great sales, too, if you can snap up the gifts you want soon enough.

About the Author

Adrienne is a blogger and freelance designer passionate about healthy living, good food, and fitness. You can see more of her work by following @foodierx on Twitter or visiting her blog, Foodie Fitness.

What are you getting for your health-conscious friends this holiday season? Share your gifts of choice in the comments below!

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