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Healthy Eating And Nutrition For Weight Loss

written by Guest Blogger October 10, 2015

I’m positive by now all the health experts worth their salt all agree that a healthy diet is a well-rounded diet. So check out today’s guest article by Matt, as he runs down the different components to a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Losing lean muscle tissue is unhealthy since your metabolism slows down and you can end up developing loose skin or looking gaunt. A low calorie weight loss program decreases your body’s need for protein. Healthy weight loss recipes should contain the following basic nutrients.


Not getting enough fat reduces the effects of a weight loss diet. However, you should only include fat of the right type in your diet and avoid unhealthy fat saturated foods like cheese, butter, processed meat products, fatty cuts of meat, etc.

A low-calorie diet containing some fats provides your body with essential fatty acids. Lack of enough EFAs makes your body functions become inefficient and sluggish. This can lead to EFA deficiency.


Ideally, your protein requirement goes up when you cut down on calories. If you don’t get enough protein you start losing protein from muscles and vital organs, lean body mass. If you lose your lean muscle mass you become weaker, and you may never regain this weight.

Protein is thermogenic and can boost energy production in your body. By increasing your metabolic rate, your energy requirement is boosted hence. Consequently, the gap between calories in and calories out increases, resulting into a better rate of weight loss.

Additionally, muscle is a major site for thermogenesis. This means that you thermogenic response decrease when you lose lean body mass. So if you take bad diets without protein, the metabolic rate in real sense falls and you weight loss rate can decrease, sometimes even to zero.

Protein contains essential amino acids (EAAs). You need EAAs if you really want to lose weight. Tryptophan amino acid converted into serotonin, for example, controls satiety and mood. You need to consume more protein. You require 1,000 calories per day and until you get down to this, you need an extra gram of protein. One gram of protein is equivalent 40 calories less than you consume.


The three main types of carbohydrates: sugars, starches and fire should be part of your nutrition. Since complex carbohydrates are digested and absorbed more slowly, little better for you than simple sugars. If you don’t get enough fiber, you may become constipated.

Avoid excess consumption of refined sugars; they’re converted to fat and can cause disorders such as Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. You should be selective when on which type of carbohydrates to include in your low calorie diet.


About 70% of your body weight is water. The period you can go without water is lesser than you can without food. This essential nutrient for weight loss is necessary for circulation, absorption, digestion, and excretion. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Minerals and Vitamins

Your body functions need minerals. For example, magnesium and calcium are needed for bone structure, iron is important for your red blood cells to transport oxygen.

Vitamins, on the other hand, help regulate chemical reactions in your body. Most of the 13 vitamins cannot be produced in the body; therefore, you need to include them in your weight loss recipe. Both minerals and vitamins are not sources of energy.

A healthy lifestyle is greatly determined by healthy eating. Your healthy eating plan should contain low fat and low carbohydrates, so it should be protein based. This way, you’ll avoid increase in your cholesterol. Otherwise, you lose both fat and lean muscle tissue as you lose weight, while normally you should only lose fat.

About the Author

Matt is an amateur golfer who tries his best. You can find him writing mostly about technology and business. Being healthy is a part of his life so it`s not surprise for him to write a healthy article.

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