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Healthy Cleaning for the Holiday Season

written by Guest Blogger December 3, 2015

Attention, attention! The holiday season is coming at full speed and you need to prepare for it. Keep reading today’s guest post by Ella for suggestions in how to clean your home before dolling it up for your holiday enjoyment. 

The holidays are upon us and in order to get into the spirit of the season, you have to look the part. And it is only natural that to look the part, you also have to clean up to make way for the costume and make up.

Here are my tips for holiday cleaning:

  • Lots of curtain cleaning will be required to make way for all the hanging decorations that you will be spreading over the curtains. You will want bright and clean curtains to contrast with the flashiness of the upcoming decor.
  • The aforementioned curtains should be accompanied with shiny windows that will allow the holiday lights to sparkle and bling outside the house and tell your neighbourhood that you have been obsessed by the holiday spirit.
  • Oven cleaning is essential. You need a clean oven to make the pork roast in. The holiday table requires great quality of cooking for the entire family and it should not bring along the taste of the ghosts of seasons’ past.
  • Focus on carpet cleaning to make way for the comfy footwear that your grandmother no doubt has already knitted for you.
  • Some de-cluttering will be more than welcome since you will have to make more space for the holiday tree and its own separate army of decorations. And don’t forget room for presents! You will definitely have to free up a corner or two for that very reason.
  • Your living room will need attention too. What with all the family gathering you will need a good upholstery cleaning to boast with your excellent skills to keep every facet of the home clean. Your family and relatives and invited friends will definitely have some impressive stares in your direction.
  • But leave them to their envy as you can also set up a few helpers to make the house cleaning after the holiday parties easier. Supply yourself with cleaning products because you know that during those few days when you enjoy yourself with feasts and fun with family and friends there will be little stores open to sell them to you.
  • And finally, keep a few rubbish bags at hand because once you get to the presents there will be quite a few wrappers and boxes to throw away. At a point rubbish bags will quite be your best friend.

And with this you should be ready to face the holidays. Keep the home healthy by performing a thorough home cleaning before all the preparations start, and then just prepare yourself for the mess that you will make during those holidays.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, there will be plenty to do around the house, so most of all, supply yourself with diligence and patience. And have happy and healthy holidays!

About the Author

This article is granted by Ella A. an avid blogger, freelance writer and home décor enthusiast. She likes to write about healthy living, home maintenance and decoration. Her greatest joy is to share helpful tips and advises with readers from all over the world.

Do you have any holiday cleaning tips to add to this list?

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