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Healthiest Beer for St. Patty’s Day

written by Head Health Nutter March 17, 2008

Happy Irish Day, Folks! To help all you health conscious people join the festivities without a guilty conscience, I thought you’d be interested in knowing your healthiest choice out of all the beers on the market.

First, just to let you know, beer is healthy for you (well, for some people)! The benefits of beer are numerous, from battling cancer to raising your metabolism. Studies have also shown beer (in moderation, of course) can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve mental health. Plus, it has a wide repertoire of nutrients to boot!

But I know, you’re anxious to know which one you should consume tonight while you’re singing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.” Without further adieu, the healthiest beer to drink is…drum roll, please…my friends’ Chris and Jeff’s home brew !

Fermentation is what our ancestors needed to do to naturally preserve food and drink – before the advent of refrigerators. The process involves bacteria which act as catalysts for chemical conversion. In brewing , yeast converts sugar into alcohol. The microorganisms used in this process actually help our digestion! They are needed to balance the ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria in our guts, know as flora .

Ah, but not all of us have friends who brew their own beer. So, between this Men’s Health Beer Review for taste and my research, your healthiest choice would be to go for one that has the least amount of calories: an Irish (surprise, surprise) dark, stout beer.

Hmmm…Guinness, anyone?

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