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Healthier-For-You Brownie Recipe

written by Head Health Nutter December 19, 2008

It’s incredibly easy to place your health on the back burner for the holiday season. Enormous amounts of goodies and food fly at you from every direction to tempt you into submission – and what the hell, we tend to think, it’s the holidays!

But it’s SO easy to gain the weight and sludge up your body functioning within only a couple of weeks, leaving you lethargic come the New Year and often too tired to tackle the challenge of getting back on track. This is why I get all giddy when I find a recipe for tasty, healthy treats. Not only can you indulge worry-free with these yummies, but you can feel good about sharing them with friends and family.

I found this delicious brownie recipe when watching the Racheal Ray Show a couple of years ago and my peeps went balistic over it (as long as you don’t tell the guys what’s in it – they seem to have a huge diversion to healthy food). It’s so popular that I’ve had requests for it (and to share the recipe) every year since!

Try these high in fiber Hannah Keeley’s Black Bean Brownies for yourself – I dare you to tell me that traditional brownies taste better!

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