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Have A Passion For Sports? How You Can Make A Living In Athletics

written by Guest Blogger June 2, 2016

Most people want the fame and glory. Sometimes our dreams don’t match up with our natural abilities and when this happens, it’s up to us to discover where our strengths and talents would be best suited. So if your interest lies in athletics, keep reading today’s article by Anita who provides us several different avenues besides the one which places you in the limelight. 

If most of us could become professional athletes, we probably would for the fame and fortune. Turning pro can be very difficult and highly competitive. Very few high school players will ever get the chance to play at the pro hoops level. If you love athletics, don’t be discouraged, because there are amazing career opportunities waiting that keep you in the game.

Athletic Trainer
This expert knows more than the art of proper bandaging. The athletic trainer is knowledgeable in the way muscles and bones function in the human body. They evaluate, diagnose and treat, as well as deal with on-field examinations and return-to-play decisions.

Coaching Students
A coach provides leadership and guidance to athletes and establishes the team’s mission. He or she improves the team’s performance, helping each athlete reach their full potential. There are coaches at just about every level and game imaginable.

Athletic Director
High schools and colleges feature an athletic director who oversees a number of aspects for their institution’s sports program. These professionals deal with budgets and ensure that coaches adhere to regulations. Obtaining a master’s degree in Athletic Administration is the smart way to achieve your goal, and you can find more information here.

Sports Agent
“Show me the money!” We all remember actor Tom Cruise as the high-powered sports agent in Jerry Maguire. This can be a lucrative field for the enterprising soul who represents personal athletes at their best. If you’re an excellent negotiator who can broker deals and win endorsements, then consider this career.

Sports Medicine
A physician highly-skilled in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury for the athlete, is known as a sports medicine specialist. He or she helps the athlete maximize their game, while at the same time, minimizing disability from the sport.

Sports Media
Rewarding professions fall under the sports media umbrella. A sports writer for a city newspaper is a great vehicle if you’re good at stringing words together. There is also the career of sports announcer on television or radio, which often includes the collegiate or professional level.

The world of sports is multi-faceted with plenty of solid growth opportunities available for both men and women. You can work right next to the action and still make your mark in athletics. It’s fun, smart and there’s never a dull moment when the game is on.

About the Author

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about health, family, home and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

Do you see any athletic careers here in this list that might suit you? 

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