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Happy 2010 Thanksgiving, America!

written by Head Health Nutter November 25, 2010

To all American Live Lighter readers and neighbours, this post is for you! It’s a compilation of previous Thanksgiving Day posts, including a very easy way to take care of all your leftovers, several detox drink recipes and a song to help you celebrate.

Ah, fall is one of my favourite seasons – the colours, weather, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I celebrate and blog about these seasonal highlights every year and never get tired of them. And some of these posts are doozies (if I do say so myself). For your convenience, here are Live Lighter’s past Thanksgiving Day posts:

What are you grateful for? To help you get in the mood this Thanksgiving, try reading The Gobble Gobble Guide to Gratitude. You’ll be reminded of how powerful gratitude is to improving your life and included here is a list of practical tips for eliciting this special feeling at your whim.

Next we have a Thanksgiving Song by Johnny Cash. Even if you’re not a Cash fan, his lyrics are moving and may even help you ride that wonderful gratitude wave. AND, the YouTube video is actually a clip from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman – a blast from the past!

After dinner and possibly the next day, you may be feeling a little bloated from today’s Thanksgiving indulgences. Try this Gingerly-Cleanse-Yer-Insides detox meal recipe: it’s not the prettiest but it IS tasty and it’ll help clear out your digestive system.

For those who love to celebrate with spirits (alcohol) and delicious sugary desserts, your liver may appreciate you taking care of it with a special tonic. Here’s a Thanksgiving Day-After liver flush tonic to enjoy tomorrow morning.

Last but not least, what will you ever do with all your Thanksgiving Day leftovers? There are only so many hot turkey sandwiches one can eat in a week. So here’s a heavenly Turkey Pot Pie recipe that I concocted just last month after celebrating our Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.

This recipe is especially awesome because it took care of almost all of the leftovers in one shot AND I froze most of them for handy, oven-ready meals we warmed up several weeks later (they didn’t last long – so good!).

I hope some of these posts help enhance your Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Wishing you all the best on this special day, America, and that the feelings of gratitude stay with you long after midnight!

Did you run into any spectacular information on the net to help celebrate Thanksgiving? Please share the links below so we can all enjoy them.


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