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Growing Healthy, Organic Food with Aquaponics

written by Guest Blogger June 16, 2013

If you like gardening and the idea that you can trust the food you eat because YOU grew it, you’ll really appreciate today’s guest post! Ivan Dimitrijevic shares with us a new way of gardening that anyone can do which produces bigger plants at a faster rate – without using anything unnatural. 

It is funny how sometimes nature tends to play hide and seek with us. For centuries we were trying to get nature under our control and we missed some of the basic stuff that she has provided for us. Later on in the text you will get what I am talking about. Lets just leave it a mystery for now.

Anyway, there are people who have been gardeners their whole lives and lately all of them are very thrilled when this new method of gardening came into use. It is a rather simple method which consists of two even more simpler methods. None of the people came up with the idea to combine them until lately and some scientists have proven the efficiency of it pretty high. I know you are confused, so let me explain how things work nowadays.

What is Aquaponics?

There are two branches of agriculture. The first is called hydroponics and it is concerned with gardening, primarily. But it is not just any kind of gardening. As a matter of fact, in this kind of gardening plants are not placed into the soil as they usually are, but rather into the water. You know when your mother gets flowers, she puts them into a vase full of water. Well this works in a similar way. The only difference is that the plants in hydroponics never actually die.

The second “discipline“ is not connected with gardening but more with fishing, and it is called aquaculture. This is a slightly broader term than hydroponics, since it implies all the ways of fish-farming, be it in an aquarium, in fish ponds, fish tanks or something else. But, how can the two of these be combined, and what is the purpose of it?

Well first of all let me tell you that the combined discipline, (or form of art should I say) is called aquaponics. I think that I owe you an explanation of the mechanism that is used in order to make the aquaponics system work. But, first of all, let me tell you why it has become so popular lately.

Why Aquaponics?

Scientists have proven that the plants grown in the aquaponics system grow twice as big and twice as fast. However, the main perk of this system is that the plants have the ability to grow twice or even thrice as much in the same amount of space. And, as I promised, the mechanism is rather simple. These plants are put in the same water where the fish will be. The fish will leave certain waste in the water, and through the aquaponics system that water is filtered and returned to them.

But what happens to all the waste, you might wonder? Well, as you know, plants have this strange need to be on a fertilized soil in order to grow. But what if all that material goes straight to the plants, which is the case in this system.

That’s right, the plants collect all that they need, which is actually the bigger part of the waste that the fish have made. That way, everything is in its right place. Fish have clean water, and plants grow more and more each day, even faster than before. The system itself is also pretty easy to build.

The Equipment Necessary

You are not going to need much special equipment – just a few basic things. Most of the aquaponics system is built with the tools you already have and the knowledge you probably possess. There are several instruction manuals that can be found on the internet. It all comes down to your power of creation and your ability to imagine it and make it work.

To sum up, you do not need a PhD in order to be a gardener, and even with the basic knowledge of things, you can have your own aquaponics system and you can grow your own plants in no time. This is a revolutionary method and
more and more people use it with each day passing by. Within several years from now, I bet that every garden will have one part that is devoted only to aquaponics where the plants will be twice as big as all the rest that very same garden.

About the Author 

Ivan Dimitrijevic is an enthusiastic blogger who focuses primarily on Social Media Marketing, but also writes a lot about money saving techniques and business solutions. He writes about different money saving methods and the easiest ways of starting a profitable business. He enjoys occasionally writing about health and weight loss topics. Ivan spends a lot of time conducting serious research and publishing many articles on different topics.

Hmm, I’m definitely interested in doing more research on aquaponics! Have you heard of this type of gardening? Have you tried it yet?

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