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Grail Springs Holistic Health Resort Review – Part II

written by Head Health Nutter October 3, 2008

Last Wednesday, I gave you a little taste of my weekend up North at the Grail Springs Health Resort. It was a healing getaway unlike any vacation I’ve ever experienced. While my usual week-long vacations leave me with the blues and longing for a return to the beach, after only two days at Grail Springs, I felt well-rested, energized, at peace and ready to take on the world!

Grail vacationers go to heal and learn balanced living. Everyone had a fascinating story to tell, the guests, staff and even the owner. Several guests said it wasn’t their first time here, and this time wouldn’t be their last (one had already booked for next month!)

Whether it was to cope with the death of a loved one, learn better stress management or heal from a chronic illness, we all felt the benefits of living the Grail philosophy:

From www.grailsprings.com:

“Our approach to lifestyle is holistic. We believe our natural state is that of equilibrium, clarity, and good health. And that our life is a journey of experiences, lessons, triumphs and fulfillment. Within the challenges facing most in the 21st century; we often find ourselves having made sacrifices in our health, peace of mind, family, finances, or our basic right to happiness and love for life. Somewhere along the road we lost our way.”

Grail Springs is a resort based on the book by Madeline Marentette, the owner, “Holistic Detox for Body, Mind & Spirit.” The Grail is a place shows its guests how to clean out the junk from their lives, from their bodies, minds and souls, that tend to weigh them down and gunk up the smooth operations of an otherwise joyful life.

It does this through its program and different packages that differed only slightly. Mom chose the detox package while I chose the juice fast. The following is a list of what both Mom and I had the pleasure to enjoy all inclusive:

  • Himalayan salt bath (in-room & at our own leisure)
  • Loose leaf tea (in-room)
  • Morning and afternoon elixirs and tonics
  • Infrared therapy
  • Ionic foot bath
  • Evening workshops
  • Meals
  • Activities (like hikes, yoga and fitness classes
  • Austrian mud bath (Mom’s package)
  • Core cellular detox (my package)
  • Evening movies
  • Campfire
  • Access to the Grotto
  • Access to the Labyrinth
  • Canoeing, paddle-boating and canoeing

Now, if your day wasn’t full enough, they offer a plethora of treatments, including horseback riding, at an extra cost. Mom got the very popular “Red Carpet Treatment” that had her wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy (haha) in mineral wraps and 22 inches smaller by the end!

My extra treatment was the enlightening hydrotherapy colonic. I’m sure no one wants to see those pics… A slightly uncomfortable procedure but worth it; I felt lighter than I have for a long time and very clean!

The meals were extraordinary. While I sipped on delicious, thick and über nutritious juices, Mom enjoyed dishes heaping with protein, like Pecan Crusted Chicken with Mustard Sauce and Salmon en Papillote. For breakfast, she and the other detoxers munched on Blueberry & Ginger Pancakes with fresh, local maple syrup. There was also Ginger Miso Soup, Quinoa Fennel Pilaf, grilled and steamed veggies, and Southwestern Caesar Salad. The deserts came in the form of Live Apple Pie (an uncooked apple pie dish) and Spiced Cashew Ice Cream. All of which I have recipes for in the Grail Springs book!

Even the movies were carefully chosen to support the Grail holistic health program. Friday night they showed The Secret and on Saturday, Down the Rabbit Hole, the sequel to What the Bleep Do We Know (which they showed on Thursday). The movies played on one channel on every TV in the joint, so you could view it in either the main room with other guests and popcorn, or in the comfort of your own suite.

So what was the best part of Grail Springs? Well, several guests who had tried other health spa getaways all over the world said that the Grail is bar none with regards to the solid holistic health knowledge on which its program is based. Another said that it was the freedom the resort gave to its guests. Specifically, she said other resorts are almost militant, and some don’t even allow you off the property during your stay.

I agree, the greatest gift from Grail Springs is the freedom found there. Offered in many different forms, here are a few freedoms I experienced:


  • to go at your own pace
  • to participate by choice
  • from worry, anxiety, depression, confusion, indecision and stress
  • to live in the present
  • to explore yourself, nature and other people
  • to try new alternative therapies
  • to learn more about health and well-being
  • to experience a balanced lifestyle

Some of these feelings prolonged through the week. And as I mentioned in Part I of this review, my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough!

Note: Things have since changed at the Grail, but not by much. The end of my weekend marked the beginning of the new integrated Grail Life plan. You can still choose between the meal plans, either detox or juice fast, and get most of what I listed above. I did notice, at least in the 2-day journey, they took out 2 spa treatments.

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Head Health Nutter September 9, 2009 at 7:17 pm

Love these five super foods and added my email to get the free report.

Thanks for passing this great info on to us, Sarah!


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