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Government Control Through Food

written by Guest Blogger February 27, 2011

Sure a little pesticide may not be lethal but low doses of any poison administered over time will do damage – if not kill us outright. So why are they still being used? In today’s video post, Alex Jones, suggests our leaders are purposefully tainting our food and water supply to design a more docile and sterile society.

Chemicals fill our grocery shelves and public water supply – all in the name of `safety’. Governmental regulatory systems approve them and urge scientists to play God, genetically modifying plants and animals without considering the potential, long-term damage it may cause over time and generations.

Although Alex Jones has been called a conspiracy theorist, he’s also a well-known journalist who backs up his claims. In this 15-minute video, Jones names some of the most dangerous chemicals found in our food and water supply, and believes it’s all been orchestrated by our governments as a population control mechanism (see above).

If you read up on the latest health news, most of this information won’t be new to you. (We’ve blogged about several documentaries with this type of information before.) But for your friends and family who aren’t up-to-date, please send them this video to increase awareness and let them know there are options!

Jones ends this piece on a positive note: consumers are demanding poison-free alternatives and industry is responding. If everyone were to buy only products with natural ingredients, those in control would be forced to comply even more thoroughly to increased consumer demand.

Alex Jones is an internationally recognized veteran broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist. He calls himself a dedicated and aggressive Constitutionalist. He runs a news website, infowars.com, where you can catch his radio show and read his educational Prison Planet Forum.

Are governmental agencies really having a threesome with the food and pharmaceutical industries, or are these just conspiracy theories? What do you think will have to happen before the system moves from self-interest to genuine concern for public health and safety?

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