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Good Tips on How to Clean the Bedroom

written by Guest Blogger November 10, 2012

Do you have any stubborn mattress stains you’d like to clean? Or are you unsure if you’re thoroughly cleaning your house? If so, you’ll like today’s guest post by Grace Bailey! She shares very helpful info and gives us a check list for cleaning our bedrooms.  

Cleaning the bedroom is very important because this is the place where you relax and sleep. Cleaning and refreshing the bedroom will not take long, but it is a care you should not ignore or neglect. Note that the bedroom is one of the rooms where much dust is accumulated and breathing it during sleep can cause some serious health problems.

The clean room will keep you from annoying allergies and itching caused by the presence of mites that can develop in mattresses and blankets. Maintaining a clean bed and mattress is very important for your health.

Every morning you must air the room and brush the sheets and blankets as well as ventilate the pillows. In winter ventilation may take as little as ten minutes, but it should not be missed.

Remove all items that do not fit in the bedroom. That means to free the room from all the unnecessary items, to find a new place of the ones you need and discard all the rest. Open the closet, take all the clothing out and see what you intend to wear and which of your clothing you simply do not want or need. Take all the unnecessary clothes and donate them to any orphanage or gift them to a friend.

Sweep or clean the floor with the vacuum cleaner, then brush the carpets if you have such. Wipe the dust everywhere and do not miss the chandeliers and lampshades as they accumulate large amounts of it. Thoroughly clean the dust from the furniture and all objects placed on them, as well as windows, corners, behind doors, etc.

Prepare a bucket of hot water, a mop and detergent to wash the floor. Once the floor is dry, make the bed, fold the pajamas and put them under the pillow. Do not forget to replace the sheets and pajamas at least once a week as well.

At least once a month you should:

  • Wash all the windows and clean the blinders;
  • Clean the leather furniture;
  • Polish furniture thoroughly, especially if they are antique;
  • Move furniture that was never moved before, and clean even the most hidden corners under it;
  • Clean the carpets with water and vinegar and wash the curtains;
  • Organize closets, cabinets and drawers; wipe them with a cloth and detergent.

With the change of each season it’s necessary:

  • To wash all blankets, bedding and pillows;
  • To wash, iron and store all the clothes that you plan to use the next season and remove all the unnecessary ones;
  • To clean the mattresses thoroughly.

If you need to clean stains from mattresses, you can use the following methods:

  • For blood, use a cloth dampened with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 3:1. Sprinkle talcum powder and brush when dry.
  • Urine stains can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in soapy water. Rinse and allow to dry. Finally, clean with water and hydrogen peroxide in a 1:3 ratio.

The bedroom is where you enjoy a deserved rest, so you should try to turn it into a place of comfort. An important condition for your convenience, and for your health as well, is to maintain the purity of the environment around you and enjoy a sound sleep in it.

About the Author

Grace Bailey is a desperate housewife , dreamer and content writer. She enjoys writing about Cleaning and Organizing home. You can visit her and read more tips and ideas for house cleaning at www.CleanNGone.co.uk.

Wow, great stuff! Hmm… guess it just needs to become habit to airing out your bedding every morning… Do any of you do this? Do you have any cleaning tips to add to Grace’s?

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