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Good for You Candy for Halloween?

written by Head Health Nutter October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Ghouls and Gals! This is the night where the veil is thin between the spirit and material worlds. If you ever wanted to talk to your dead relatives and get a response, this is the night to hold a séance. Of course, most people just get dressed up and give away candy.

 Ah, but as health conscious individuals, not only do we want to be careful in what we put in our bodies, but we also care about the quality of treats we give to others. But junk is junk, you tell me. If it’s one night of the year where we should let our hair down and go nuts on the refined sugar and milk chocolate, it’s Halloween!

 I’m here to tell you that there are options, if you so choose. There is good for you candy – or at least better for you© candy – out there! Specifically, Pure Fun™ Confections is old-fashioned, organic candy like our grandparents used to make. Certified organic, kosher, vegan and fair trade – this candy company is perfect for those who care!

 They also promise: “No dyes, no pesticides, no GMO’s and no chemicals… nothing but Pure Fun!” What else don’t they use? Oh, let’s see the list: no gluten, no casein, no dairy, no artificial flavours, no synthetics and no preservatives.

 What types of goodies do they offer? Well, my favourite – and I’ve had the pleasure to try LOTS of their products – is the Rootbeer Float candies. Today, you might want to check out their Halloween Pure Pops. They’ve got delicious cotton candy in 5 very different flavours, packaged in handy reusable, clear plastic tubs. In the mood for chocolate? Try their Chocolate Meltdowns. All of it relatively good for you!

 So even when you don’t think you have a choice – you can always find one if you look hard enough… or on Live Lighter. 🙂

 Check out Pure Fun’s other candy products. I’ve seen them in organic stores downtown Toronto now and in Rabba. Pure Fun is a proudly Canadian company that manufactures in the States now, too. And although they don’t mention it on their website, I’m sure if it were financially feasible, they’d ship to anywhere in the world.

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