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Give Your Home a Good Spring Clean With DIY Carpet Cleaning

written by Guest Blogger April 27, 2014

Spring is here! But don’t you just hate those muddy, wet shoes and feet stepping on your carpet? Including the dirt that hardens deep down below your carpet ‘cause you cannot deep clean it during the winter season? Get ready for spring by rejuvenating your home with a fresh new carpet look with DIY carpet cleaning tips from Mark Long! 

No need to torture your carpet with harmful and unsafe chemicals. Spring clean your carpet with your own DIY carpet cleaning way. This is safer for you and for your carpet too.

Follow these DIY Carpet Cleaning Rules

Rule #1 – Keep it off the carpet

Keep your dirty shoes off the carpet. Cleaning a carpet isn’t that easy; don’t add to the dirt living below your carpet because of those dirty shoes. Encourage every household member to remove their shoes while inside the house and use inside slippers instead. This will help minimize soil or mud under your carpet.

Rule #2 – Do it ASAP

Accidents tend to happen: you unintentionally spill your coffee, pet peed on your carpet, kid dropped his food or guests spilled their wine. These things are just meant to happen, it’s inevitable. First thing to remember is to clean it as soon as possible. With guests around and there’s just no way to clean immediately, get a clean cloth and just wipe it for the time being, you can clean it afterwards.

Rule #3 – DIY solutions

Prevent yourself from buying unsure products from the market. Instead, insure yourself from the products you made yourself. This will help in a lot of ways; a cheaper yet effective and safe way to clean your carpet. You can ask your home cleaning services on what items are safe to use or you can search online guides and tips to help you with your homemade solutions.

Rule #4 – Improvise

What about dirt like wax and gum? You cannot just wash it off immediately. Well, worry no more. There are lots of ways to remove unwanted wax and gum on your carpet. Just follow these simple steps:

How to remove wax

All you need is a paper and an iron. Cut pieces of papers a little wider than your iron, this will help you not to iron your carpet directly and burn your carpet. Place a piece of paper on top of the wax and iron it. Do this until the wax is all gone. Use different pieces of paper to avoid returning the wax you already removed. Make sure that your iron is just right and not too hot.

How to remove gum

Use an ice cube. Just place it above on the hardened chewing gum and wait for at least one minute until the gum is all hard and stiff. Just pull it off and voila! It’s that easy. Remove leftover stain by doing your usual stain removing process.

If you don’t want to wet your carpet or if the first one didn’t work, use a bag filled with ice instead of just one ice cube. Place it on top of the gum and do the same process as stated above, but this time, let it stay for at least 15 minutes.

About the Author

Mark Long wanted to start his home cleaning services. He started by listing the different kinds of services he like to offer like carpet dry cleaning service, steam cleaning service and a lot more. In future he is planning to register his business worldwide and help people find the most easy and affordable methods on cleaning.

Do you have any DYI carpet cleaning tips to add to Mark’s list here?


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Alex April 27, 2014 at 4:13 am

I agree about shoes on the carpet.We wear slippers and keep shoes at the door. Sweaty socks and barefeet will also dirty your carpet.So having everyone in slippers is a simple and effective way of keeping your carpets clean.

Head Health Nutter May 9, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I also wear slippers in the house, Alex. I love me soft, warm, comfy slippers! 🙂

Alex May 11, 2014 at 9:51 am

We also take our slippers with us when visiting family and friends and put them on when we arrive.


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