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Getting Ready for Change

written by Head Health Nutter August 23, 2008

Tony Robbins is an inspirational man. He’s achieved greatness despite (or because of?) life’s challenges. He continues to work hard teaching others what he knows so that they may also be the best people they can be… even when he could easily retire to a life of pure leisure.

He says he’s the `why guy’. He has spent his entire life finding out the reasons why humans behave the way we do. Once we dissect behaviour and become aware of the driving forces behind our actions, we have the power to change them.

So as I get ready to cure my indecision and climb back on the wagon (stay tuned for this post!), I thought I’d strengthen my mind a bit. You know, pump up for the upcoming changes. I want to know why we fall into bad habits, tend to indulge too much and rely on our addictions to cope with life.

Get yourself a nice, tall glass of bubbly soda water on ice with some frozen berries (or whatever), and sit back to 20 minutes of Mr. Robbins as he explains what’s happening subconsciously (see above).

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