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Finding Your Self-Limiting, Subconscious Beliefs

written by Head Health Nutter September 2, 2008

Have you ever done something that you didn’t really want to do but felt compelled to do it anyway, despite reason? If you have, it was most likely destructive behaviour, like over-indulging in substances or justifying your addictions. The reason you did it anyway is because all behaviour reflects subconscious beliefs. Until those negative beliefs are changed, it will be difficult to control addictive tendencies – especially when stressed as that’s when logic shuts down.

It’s Day 2 of my healthy living plan and things are going really well. I struggled a bit over the weekend, mainly because I was making up excuses why I wasn’t ready to stop smoking just yet. You see, my argument (with myself) was that because I haven’t identified which self-defeating beliefs are holding me back yet, even when I stop smoking, I’ll still struggle with any number of my other addictions !

My friend, Motivatorman, just published an interesting article which I found very helpful, “Take Control Now .” His post highlights the importance of “Just Do It!” Once awareness hits, keep calm, speculate what fears are holding you back, feel the fear, and take action anyways! You have the ability to consciously decide to (re)gain control of your life. No more excuses and don’t allow your subconscious rule you. You know what you want so go get it!

But guess what!? There’s test out there that will actually tell you what your subconscious beliefs really are! Ya, I know, freaky. If you want to find out what self-limiting beliefs are lurking in your mind and getting in your way, check out this 7 ½ minute YouTube video titled, “Number 2, What does your subconscious REALLY believe?”

And for a variation on this method, or if you just want to verify your results, check out this 2 ½ minute muscle testing video from Stephanie at backinskinnyjeans.com.

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