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Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat

written by Guest Blogger May 23, 2016

Looking for the perfect yoga mat could feel like a daunting task. Luckily, there are people out there who do the research for you. Reviews.com a website that is looking to change the consumer experience by conducting unbiased reviews has researched over 30 of the leading yoga mats to find the top choices. Here is what they found.

Best Overall Mat

The Manduka ProLite tops other mats in durability, grip, portability, and comfort. This mat beat out all of its competition on longevity. It is super durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee – doesn’t get much better than that!

The PVC material makes it perfect for all types of conditions: outside, hot yoga studios, normal studios, and more. The Manduka ProLite makes even the most uncomfortable positions comfortable. Holding low lunges suddenly seems like the best feeling in the world. It has slip-resistant material that makes moving through your poses effortless.

Choosing the Right Yoga Mat for You

Choosing a yoga mat is hard, but in the end it is all about personal preferences. There are certain qualities you can look for to make it a bit more simple. First, you need to decide which material works best for you. There is PVC which last the longest and is the most durable. Or you could go with a more ECO-friendly material such as cotton, recycled natural rubber, jute, bamboo, cork, or hemp.

Cotton absorbs sweat, but isn’t as cushiony than others. Recycled Rubber gives great grip but if you have a latex allergy, this should definitely be avoided. Jute is from the fiber of a jute plant, but an awesome fact is that it is anti-microbial.

You also need to think about durability (how long you need it to last), thickness (what you need to make you comfortable during yoga poses), open or closed cell structure (how much absorption you need in a mat), price, yoga style, length and size (test it out in a store if you need).

What Makes A Good Yoga Mat?

Some things make certain yoga mats better than others. Cushion, weight, and durability are three of the most important factors in a yoga mat. You need enough support for your joints, yoga is supposed to be relaxing not painful.

It needs to be easy to carry. Most yogis go to many different classes and have to lug the mat everywhere, and no one wants to be lugging a brick to class. Durability is important too, no one wants to buy a mat and have to keep purchasing a new one every month. Other features to consider are comfort, stability, traction, texture, environment, giving back, color etc.

Hopefully, this helps making finding a yoga mat much more simple!

If you are interested in seeing the other yoga mats that made their top list, check out their full review: http://www.reviews.com/best-yoga-mat/

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