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Fasting, Health & Emotional Stress

written by Head Health Nutter August 22, 2010

Do you think physical health is directly linked to emotional health? Would it be comforting or scary for you if you found out that most (if not all) of our physical aches and pains originate from negative thoughts and emotions?

This week we talked about some of the health benefits of fasting and dreamed up the perfect healthcare system with programs to help people manage daily stress (including the emotional kind). I’d like to wrap these two posts together in today’s post.

To help me do this, I’d like to share last Monday’s www.RenegadeHealthShow.com video where v-blogger, Kevin Gianni, just finished a 5-day water fast experiment at True North Health Center. He shares a fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Klaper who talks about the emotional/mental benefits of fasting (see above).

While Dr. Klaper speaks specifically about the increased self-esteem one gets after successfully completing a challenge like a water fast, at the end of the interview, Kevin asks him about his thoughts on the psychological contribution to disease and illness.

Is it possible that a lot of our emotional stress is caused by negative beliefs we hold and the identities we create for ourselves?

Do you think negative beliefs (like low self-esteem) and reoccurring thoughts that perpetuate these beliefs might help create ill-health? Does this idea empower or depress you?

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Cam November 14, 2012 at 11:24 pm

I believe our beliefs create our reality, so therefore 100% of our emotional pain results from beliefs we hold about ourselves which determines the reaction we have to everyday situations. Most negative emotional triggers result from a collision with our beliefs that do not serve us except to show us we have a belief that we would like to change. This is a very much overlooked and discarded part of our reality. A false belief in ourselves will set us up for emotional pain. Reality is a reflection of our beliefs.


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