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Fall: Right Time to Cleanse Your Body

written by Guest Blogger September 20, 2015

Alright! Let’s get ready for winter, because with the changing seasons, so does our lifestyles (usually). Keep reading today’s guest blogger, Karen, for suggestions in cleansing your body in preparation for winter! 

Now that summer is over, we must think about fall cleansing and preparation for winter. Many people just don’t get why it’s important, simply because usually, summer is associated with lots of healthy activities. But, reality is not always like that.

How many times did you enjoy a BBQ during last 3 months? How many drinks did you have, or how often did you just decide to take a sunbath instead of playing volleyball on a beach? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

So, again, why do we need a fall cleanse?

As stated above, during summer we’re often exposed to food that is very far from being healthy and activities that are just the same. What is more interesting we don’t even consider them as such, because… well, it’s summer! Happy days!

But, then comes the fall, together with vitamin deficiency. If we just ignore it without making changes to our daily meal plan (at least!), winter is going to be a very tough season. First, because lack of vitamins will result in an increased risk of virus, or any other illness. Another reason is more fun, but not that great either – winter holidays come with lots of yummy, but not that healthy food.

How to do it right?

The good news, it’s not hard at all. Usually, you don’t even need some special detox treatment (well, this is still useful in some cases), but we hope your summer was not that intense. For the most people, making slight changes in your diet will have tremendous effect. Remember that it’s not about denial or taking sacrifices. The entire process should be:

  • fun
  • as non-complicated as possible
  • a short period of time (5-10 days is usually fine)
  • a good fit for your body – listen to it and feel free to slightly change it

Again, below I will give you an overview on how I approach it. To my regular diet I include the following:

  • a lot of seasonal fruit and veggies (there’s still a plenty + we need to renew our vitamin reserve)
  • increased amount of water to flush those toxins away
  • vegetable soups
  • green smoothies
  • herbal tea
  • whole grains – brown rice, buckwheat, etc. (at least one time per day)

The food to avoid:

  • eggs
  • dairy
  • coffee and alcohol
  • soy, beans
  • pork and beef (skinless chicken and fish are usually OK)
  • anything frozen or processed

A few more words on drinking water. To get even better results, I suggest trying lemon water. Here you can read a bit more on this, but just believe me, it’s really good. Starting your day with a glass of warm lemon water will give a great energy boost.

As for the total amount of liquid I recommend (that includes water and tea, of course) is a very common formula – around a half of your body weight in ounces.

Now, the best part, or what you can expect from following these general recommendations for at least five days (I’d recommend ten, though):

  • strengthening your immunity
  • improving vitamin balance
  • lowering blood sugar
  • feeling leaner and alert throughout the day

The great thing about this therapy is that it gives an immediate result and you start feeling better literally from day 1. Even more important, by following it you will understand how you can apply it regardless of the season, but when you feel you need it.

About the Author

Karen is blogging on a variety of health-related issues and advises for www.realhcgdropsguide.com – a website reviewing real hcg drops for weight loss and diet help.

Do you cleanse? How do you do it? 

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