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Exercising on Bikes: Is the Leg Work Worth It?

written by Guest Blogger October 9, 2012

Were you inspired to set up a home gym after reading Join a Real Private Gym… at Home? In that post, the author suggested a treadmill. For another option, here’s guest blogger, Karl Young, with why you might want to consider adding a stationary bike to your home gym.

Many people like me have been skeptical of the kind of workout you can get on an exercise bike. To some people it feels like cheating, sitting down and just working your legs doesn’t seem to be one of the best ways to exercise, right?

Well stationary bikes are proven to strengthen leg muscles and provide a great aerobic workout for anybody willing to jump on the bike for a few spins. You exercise your legs and other parts of your body and benefit from potential weight loss and toning. If you suffer from arthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions, low impact exercise can provide anyone with an easy and quick platform for daily exercise.

If you’re just getting into fitness or looking to manage your weight the perfect place to start is the exercise bike, reap the following benefits of a good bike exercise:

Back and Abdomen

Your position on the exercise bike will naturally be engaging you’re abdominal and back muscles. In order to ensure these muscles are worked throughout exercise, tighten your abdominal muscles as you pedal your feet. You should find your muscles tone quicker if you repeat these techniques every time you exercise.


If you haven’t already invested in an exercise bike you might want to consider finding one with sky type motion handles to enable you to move your arms in a sky like motion. Moving your arms repeatedly when exercising can help strengthen and tone your arms, giving them something to do while you pedal. Some people multitask and invest in arm weights or light dumbbells to give upper body muscles a light workout on the exercise bike.


If your goal is aerobic exercise on your stationary bike, you will need to ride it at a level of exertion, increasing your heart and breathing rates. You’ll know when you’ve pushed yourself when you cannot say a full sentence without stopping to take breaths in-between words. The benefits of any aerobic exercise is a healthier heart and improved circulation, which in turn enables blood to reach your muscles quicker helping you heal faster from tears and strains picked up during exercise.

Pain Relief

Your body naturally releases endorphins into your body during and after exercise, endorphins are scientifically proven to help fight stress, depression, anxiety and pain. If you suffer from osteoarthritis an exercise bike will allow you to exercise in a comfortable position and relieve any built up tension. Exercising on a stationary bike can help strengthen your muscles which support your joints, potentially increasing movement and flexibility to those areas.

General Exercising Tips

Your body’s positioning will directly affect your overall body workout. Make sure the bike seat is comfortable and in a position you can reach the pedals and handle bars easily. Setting your position each time will ensure you avoid straining yourself at the start or during your exercise routine while on the bike.

More often than not people forget to warm up and cool down when undertaking exercise, consider warming up with a skipping rope or an exercise ball. You will find that a slow and relaxing pace will get the blood flowing ready for any workout routine.

To improve and monitor your fitness it’s important to collect as much information from the digital display on your bike as possible. Monitor your heart rate, resistance levels and overall speed. You should try and push yourself harder each time you exercise, so consider selecting programs on the machine that can simulate hills, flat rides and varying levels of intensity.

About the Author 

This post was created by Karl Young a fitness and sport enthusiast on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness a leading online supplier of home gym equipment and sports nutrition.

Do you like biking? Do you have a stationary bike in your home? I have a friend who does – she uses it in the colder months and gets outside in the warmer months. What do you do to stay fit during winter?

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