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5 Essentials for a Healthy Life: Other than a Healthy Diet Plan

written by Guest Blogger June 10, 2016

There are so many fad diets out there that many of us get consumed with weight-loss rather than living a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Olivia James, who reminds us of 5 essential habits to create besides eating healthy everyday.

There is no way to put it in more modest words that everyone is going head over heels to achieve healthy living, since many people are doing so quite literally. Many are taking the course of Veg diet; some are even trying to live their life by liquid diet and fasting. But when it comes to an entirely healthy lifestyle, despite playing an important role, dietary plan is not all you should be concerned about.

Environment Matters

Drinking detox liquids would not be of much help, if you are required to head in a polluted environment immediately after. Many surveys have proved that people living near green spaces are much healthier than people who are living in more built-up areas. Even though they have fewer facilities, and definitely lesser approach to health awareness programs, they are enjoying a healthy lifestyle without any deliberate efforts.

It is quite reasonable to assume that the environment you are spending your life in, does matter. However, this knowledge would do little or no good if you can not relocate yourself to a healthier location, or so you thought. For you can always implement the required modifications. Turn that AC to normal temperature, open the drapes and windows to let the sun shine in your home. De-clutter your rooms. Grow some indoor plants, or better yet, farm your own edible garden.

Early Morning Walk

Heard many times, implemented almost never. Morning walks are one of those habits we always dream of developing but somehow always end up getting home late, extinguishing every chance of waking up early; or getting up early indeed only to find a formidable ache in our limbs. These challenges, however sturdy, are conquerable. And with firm determination you can develop this habit, with or without the 21-days rule.

So, ditch that treadmill for once, and jog out to the nearest natural space for a morning walk. Reap the benefits of the early sun, that are no more a secret, for your advantage. In any case, the considerable reduction in the amount of electricity consumption is an assured great treatment to your otherwise overlooked anxieties.

Workout Naturally

It has been established that gymnasium workouts make us more rigid. It has become more of an adage now that flexibility has to be left out on the threshold of gyms. Apparently, the factuality of the statement is controversial when there are all sort of stretching exercises. However, no serious gymer would deny that flexibility is an issue that goes against bodybuilding. Moreover, gym exercises are designed to hype up certain body parts, and thence, certainly not an option for people who simply desire to have a healthy body.

Outdoor exercising, in such cases, is definitely a better option. Even studies have pointed out that outdoor exercises lead to greater vitality. So, instead of these urban style workouts, opt for its more primeval counterparts like yoga, skipping, swimming, running, etc. Your body will thank you for that.

Eating Habits, not just a diet plan

As discussed above, a dietary plan does play an important role in healthy living. However, there are more significant eating related rules that help in deciding your state of health.

When it comes to healthy eating habits, almost every other person suggests that one ought to drink a lot of water. But as it goes with everything else, too much of anything (even water) is bad for you. In fact, you should avoid drinking water completely during your meal time. Do not intake water half an hour before or after your meal. As contrary to the popular belief, it is detrimental for your digestive system.

As far as the meal division goes, most of us have our diet plan in such a way that makes us eat the least amount of food in breakfast, and all the dessert and heavy edibles are swallowed down at dinnertime. This, as many of you must have understood by now, is exactly opposite to what we are supposed to do. The perfect ratio of a three meals per day is 5:3:2. However, it is even more suggestible to have more than three meals a day. It helps your metabolism system immensely and in turns help you to be and look healthier.

Put Your Feet Up

Sounds great! Doesn’t it? And believe me, the effects are even greater. We have heard many tales how relaxing has saved people from incurable diseases. And we treat these tales as fables, losing the essence of the great lessons, our ancestors expected us to remember. It is noteworthy that most of the ailments in present days are linked with the lack of relaxation.

De facto, we all need repose, and considering the increasing hodgepodge of life, the significance of quiescence increases copiously. Though best relaxation techniques involve meditation, sound and aromatherapy, spas, etc. Taking a sweet, cool nap works just as fine. It reduces the chances of stroke, keeps stress away, boosts your memory, and most important of all, it helps in maintaining the perfect BMI! Moreover, a healthy amount of relaxation is also said to delay the progression of any disease, giving your immune system a better chance to fight it off.

After knowing so many benefits, it must be hard to resist the urge to recline right away. Well, you should do exactly that, but before that make a checklist of the changes you need to make in your life. A healthier lifestyle is waiting for you!

About the Author

Olivia James has always been a health conscious person. Being brought up near Alpine areas of lower Austria, she always prefer the natural way of life, and has collected a myriad of natural remedies for almost all the acute and chronic diseases. She loves writing and has written various blogs on healthy related issues. Presently, she is working as an academic writer with Assignment Desk, an online assignment help organization.

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