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Enlisting The Help Of A Personal Trainer: Reap Better Workout Rewards

written by Guest Blogger October 17, 2013

If you’re having a tough time maintaining your intended workout routine, or aren’t seeing the results you’d like to see despite your best efforts, you might like today’s guest post. Check out Chelsea Sawyer’s benefits of investing in a personal trainer to help you reach your health goals. 

Admit it — when you go through your workout routine alone, there are times when your heart and mind may not be entirely on the task at hand. If you go on a solitary run around your favourite park, for example, you can be distracted by pretty natural scenes, adorable dogs taking walks with their owners, or the conversations between other people walking by; you end up slowing down your pace to pay attention to those instead of gunning for your target.

Likewise, some trips to the gym may be similarly unproductive. Fellow gym users taking too long to use the equipment you need to use next, your hesitation to work out on the treadmill next to an exceptionally fit person, and your constant anxiety over your choice of workout clothes in front of groups of the opposite sex can all keep you from performing your best during your allotted exercise hour.

And since you’re not working out with a buddy who will point out these little transgressions, you simply shrug your shoulders and promise yourself that you’ll be more focused tomorrow.

Many people set fitness goals for themselves for a variety of reasons — they want to lead a healthier lifestyle, look better in clothes, be able to endure a marathon, and such. And with so many websites, publications, and gadgets providing information on different ways to establish and implement an exercise routine, it’s become easier to get started on workouts on your own.

But while there’s no major harm in allowing yourself to ease up on your workout routines, you do need to acknowledge that if you grow accustomed to lax practices, then you won’t be seeing the results you desire immediately. On the other hand, if you sign up for the services of a qualified personal trainer (there is a list of a number of experts who can get the job done), you will not only have someone to tailor the appropriate workout program for your needs and individual fitness level, but you will also have a greater chance of staying on track because the trainer will be your accountability partner.

If your goal is to target different muscle groups or get a rewarding overall workout in the space of an hour, then your personal trainer may guide you through a boot camp session that can build your endurance and strength.

A boot camp workout, as its military-inspired name suggests, is a type of fitness training that can include a combination of aerobic exercises, strength training drills, calisthenics, yoga, Pilates, or even martial arts moves. This training is characteristically done in short bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Boot camp workouts are meant to challenge people who have gotten stuck in a familiar exercise routine.

Plenty of people are motivated to sign up for a boot camp, Milton Keynes trainers says, because of the opportunity it provides to work out with a group. There are generally little or no equipment involved, so you will be in a better position to concentrate on performing the exercises alongside other people. The camaraderie involved is often enough reason for people to follow each step and accomplish every interval without fail — resulting in a more productive and rewarding workout session.

About the Author

Chelsea Sawyer is a nurse and a certified health coach who has been helping many people in changing their behaviors to keep them focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. She has great passion for writing; hence her hobbies include writing and sharing helpful techniques on topics like losing weight, achieving a healthy lifestyle through physical activities; healthcare; and living healthy through proper diet and way of eating. She recommends http://www.iloveweightloss.co.uk/ for qualified personal trainers in the UK.

Bootcamps are popular these days. Have you enlisted in one? What did you think of it? Was it effective?

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