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Effective & Safe Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain

written by Guest Blogger December 29, 2014

Did you carry too many gifts during the holidays and been trying to relieve back pain for days? Do you wake up with a lower back pain? Nowadays, many people complain of lower back pain. With the way we live today it’s not really surprising. Check out today’s guest post to hear 6 simple, safe and effective ways to alleviate lower back pain.

There are several effective ways to ease lower back pain and they are listed below. Take a look.

Natural Supplements

Lower back pain sufferers can take some natural supplements to relieve pain. Around 50 mgs of zinc, two teaspoons of flaxseed oil, 2,000 mgs of vitamin C a day, plus the average daily recommended amount of magnesium and calcium (see the label) can be very helpful against lower back pain. They are completely natural, free of chemicals and therefore good for you. The best part is they won’t interfere with your medicine, if you’re taking any.


What we usually do when we happen to experience a stiff back is lie down and rest. It’s perfectly normal to stay in bed when you’re in pain. However, you need to be able to recognize different types of pain.

Sometimes it’s not overloading yourself that causes lower back pain. Lack of physical exercise can also cause stiffness in the back and the entire body. Staying too long in the same position affects your muscles and joints. This is what usually happens when you spend your day sitting at a desk.

In the case where back pain is caused by too much time sitting, try some gentle exercise. The easiest thing to do is to go out for a walk. Or why not try stretching? Perform some simple exercises to see if the pain is relieved.

A very effective way to deal with lower back pain is to exercise before you even get out of bed. How do you do that?

Well, once you wake up, don’t get up immediately. Instead lift your right leg, then put it down. Repeat a few times, then do the same with your left leg. Stretch your body well. As you’re still lying down, pull your knees towards your chin and bring the back to their initial position. Then contract your abdominal muscles. The exercise should take no more than 5 minutes. But if you do it, you will feel better all day long.

Source: http://www.heel-that-pain.com/heel_pain/heel_pain_exercises.php


Have you tried yoga? It’s a great remedy against a number of back pains. Many people make wrong assumptions that they are not flexible enough to do yoga. Stop right where you are! You become flexible after you do yoga, not the other way round.

If this is your first time out or it’s been a long time, start with beginner level postures, ones that will not cause further damage to your body. It’s best to visit your local yoga club in town to find out what you should do. And always make sure the instructors are licensed, otherwise practising yoga without understanding what it really is may be dangerous.

Cold and Hot Therapy

Try both heat and cold to see which of the options works best for you. Broadly speaking, heat is used to relieve spasms and cramping, whereas cold is applied to help against swelling. But still, experiment with these two to find out which one is better for your lower back.

A Refreshing Sleep

If your joints and muscles are strained, sometimes what helps best is a peaceful sleep. It’s very important that the bed you sleep in is good. It’s better if the surface your lie down on is firm. Additionally, you should try different body positions when sleeping.

Find The Reason for Lower Back Pain

Sometimes, lower back pain can emerge after we do some cleaning. Using heavy machines or trying to clean difficult to reach places may cause problems with our backs. Do you live in a heavy snowfall zone? Cleaning up the snow is another straining activity, which may lead to lower back pain. Furthermore, do you spend too much time in the same position? Something must be done. Try to find the reason for your lower back pain and then figure out the best solution.

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The article is a guest post by SuperEndOfTenancyCleaners SE10.

Do you have any easy, safe and effective ways to alleviate your lower back pain?

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