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Eating Like A Champion: 7 Diet Habits Of Olympians

written by Guest Blogger August 26, 2016

Did you watch some of the Olympics? When I was able to catch them, I was totally inspired by the athletes. It made me want to work out and get as fit as they are! In today’s article, guest blogger Sophia Mest, shares with us how to start becoming a champion with a few lifestyle hacks of Olympians. 

How do you get to be at the peak of your physical fitness? While training plays a huge part, nutrition is equally important. If you want to start your day like a champion and go on to do great things, you should consider following in the footsteps of these Olympians.

Here are 7 real diet habits that some of the most successful Olympians swear by.

1. A meat-free protein source – Mohamed ‘Mo’ Farah

Gold medallist Mo Farah has to stay incredibly lean, but also keep up his strength in order to be able to run as fast as possible. He has publicly endorsed small, regular meals including cereal, pasta, streamed vegetables or grilled chicken and swears by these as a way to eat the right kind of protein and other ingredients without piling on the pounds. If you are looking to lose weight whilst retaining muscle strength, eating like Mo and then hitting the gym could be the diet change you need.

2. Frequent snacks – Seth Weil

When US rower Seth Weil spoke about his daily diet, one thing was abundantly clear: to support his exercise regime, he eats often. He has breakfast at 6am, then a sandwich at 9am, snacks around 10am, another snack at 11.30am, lunch at noon… all in all, he eats at least nine times a day. Little and often can keep your metabolism going and help you resist cravings for unhealthy food.

3. Peanut butter – most Olympians

Ask just about any Olympian, and they will swear by peanut butter. This is a fantastic source of protein which gives you the get-up-and-go to keep moving. It also has the benefit of tasting great in many forms: use it as the base for a protein shake, put it on toast for breakfast, make a sandwich, or even use it in a dessert. If you want to start the day right, opt for peanut butter.

4. Immune system boosts – the US Women’s Cycling Team

The cycling team have a very specific training diet set out for them, and it consists largely of whole-grain carbs, lean proteins, colourful fruits and vegetables, and a daily dose of multivitamins. The idea is to boost the body’s natural defences by giving it a helping hand to stay healthy. Not only does this prevent illness from ruining training, but it also gives them a better chance of fighting through a sickness more quickly.

5. Meal prep – Sarah Haskins

The US triathlete’s performance lab coordinator has one key tip that she passes on to all of her athletes – always prep your meals, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday. If you plan out your meals in advance, you are much more likely to eat a healthy diet with all of the right balance that you need. You can also cook and freeze ahead anything that you will need during the week if you don’t have much time to cook. This means there is no excuse for not eating right.

6. Stay sober – Jessica Schultz

The Olympic curler has her eye firmly on the prize, and that means no drinking. While curling might have been a beer-friendly sport in the past, she now says that training is an alcohol-free zone and the Games themselves mean an extended period of sobriety. Celebrating victories or not, it’s better to have a clear mind and a finely tuned body.

7. Juice – Kelly Clark

Snowboarder Clark swears by juicing, and uses smoothies when on the road. She loves fresh fruit and vitamins as they provide the nutrients her body needs in a simple, easy to drink form. It couldn’t be easier to stay healthy this way.

Take these tips and you could end up with the physique of an Olympian yourself – if you’re prepared to put in the training time!

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