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Easy Ways to Work the Low Fat Diet

written by Guest Blogger September 14, 2012

If you’re a regular reader on Live Lighter, you know we suggest sticking to a “diet” of well-balanced meals using whole foods that agree with your system. But guest blogger, Will, is right — there are times when a specific “diet” is necessary for achieving balance within your body. 

Switching to a low fat diet is a must for people with extremely high cholesterol in their body. These people should be able to do this properly by knowing what and how much they eat. Doing this entails examining nutritional labels for the fat content of the food product. They should also be able to take account for the fats used while processing these foods.

Finding healthier alternatives to our usual diet is also necessary in a low fat diet. People should opt to choose lean meat over the prime cuts. Moreover, they should increase the consumption of white meat and food high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They can also prepare vegetable dishes that are seasoned with a small portion of meat and cheese.

Evaluating the progress is the last and important step in a low fat diet. People should check their cholesterol levels every few months instead of on a yearly basis. It is always the goal of a low fat diet to lower down your cholesterol levels at a gradual pace.

In order to succeed in our low fat diet and to achieve a sustainable reduction in cholesterol levels here are some simple tips that everyone could use:

  1. Remove all the fat from meat and other products before eating.
  2. Avoid deep-frying. Roasting, baking or broiling are better alternatives.
  3. Use healthy vegetable oils such as canola and corn oils when pan-frying.
  4. When engaged in a low fat diet, use less butter. Butter may be really good in some dishes but it can result in bad cholesterol levels when used often.
  5. Switch from whole milk to skim milk or low-fat milk versions of cheeses. These types of cheese are composed of at most 26 grams of fat for every ounce. If you’re craving for a desert, opt to eat frozen yogurt over ice milk and sorbet over ice cream. And if you have the urge to indulge in ice cream, choose the regular over the premium ones.
  6. For dips, avoid using sour cream. Substitute it with yogurt.
  7. If you are a fan of dessert, choose fresh fruits over rich desserts more often.
  8. Reduce the consumption of organ meats such as kidneys and liver since they usually contain high amounts of cholesterol.
  9. Cook stews and soups with meat one day before consumption. Refrigerate then remove the fat on the surface of the soup before reheating them.
  10. Make the transition at a gradual and slow pace. Doing so enables us to get used to it and accept the transition as part of our system. People can usually enjoy rich desserts or prime steaks once or twice a month. This will not significantly increase their cholesterol levels. Remember that splurging once or twice a month is better than eating them on a regular basis!

The sooner people with high cholesterol switch to a low fat diet, the sooner they can enjoy a healthier body. To recap:

  • First they should be aware of what they are consuming in their every meal.
  • They also must be able to find better alternatives to high-fat foods and follow several suggestions that could lessen their fat intake.
  • Finally, they have to check whether they are successful or not by getting tested a few months after starting the low fat diet.

About the Author

Will is a food addict on a diet, owner and editor of Recipe Ideas, a website where he is sharing a wide range of recipes ranging from peach cobbler to broccoli cheese soup or banana cake.

Have you helped decrease cholesterol levels for yourself or a loved one? Do you have any tips to share?

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