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Easy Smoothie Recipes for a Healthy Fall

written by Guest Blogger September 6, 2016

Who doesn’t love smoothies!? Now, what about smoothies for your moods and needs? Guest blogger, Joy Billings, shares with us this fun infographic of 10 smoothie recipes that we can whip up depending on our day.

With summer holidays over, the cooler, crisp air and the kids going back to school, the fall season has the power of awaking our mind and spirit. It is also a perfect time of the year to start thinking about breaking bad habits, improving our diet and living a healthier life all together.

Contrary to common opinion, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to take up too much time or resources. There are some easy, DIY solutions for developing healthy habits and reinvigorating our daily routine. When talking about healthy diet, one such handy tip lies in the widely popular smoothie beverages.

The cool thing about smoothies is that they are easily prepared and still allow the intake of a variety of food choices that otherwise would require long and more complicated preparation. That is why they make a great meal option for situations when time is not working in our favor. Furthermore, if prepared by adequate recipes, the smoothies’ benefits to the health and different areas of human body and mind can be fascinating.

Some smoothies, depending on their ingredients, can help us fight depression, others can stimulate brain cells and give us an extra energy boost, or be our loyal ally in a fall weight loss challenge. The key is in the ingredients and how we combine them. That being said, here are 10 simple smoothie recipes that will help balance our life and improve our health this fall.

10 Smoothies for Different Occasions
About the Author 

Joy Billings is a member of the creative team at freezerlabels.net. She loves writing about healthy lifestyles and smart food choices.

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