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Does Weight-Loss Have to be a Struggle?

written by Guest Blogger April 29, 2012

We introduced Lysa and Gina, our newest guest bloggers, last week in The Greatest Gift: Know Yourself, Love Yourself! Here they are again with a follow up post about changing your thoughts and beliefs to help you lose weight naturally and permanently!

So many of us feel as though we’ve struggled with our weight. Feeling like it’s a difficult process is one of the most common ideas in our field. Gina and I felt that way for so long, and it wasn’t until we took charge of how we were thinking that we were able to change.

How can you take charge of how you’re thinking about weight-loss?

Write down the top three things that come to your mind when you think of weight-loss:


Now look at these answers. If someone else thought and felt this way about weight-loss, would they be getting any results? What you get is what you expect! So, you may as well expect what you want right?

However we choose to see the situation is exactly how we see it. How we choose to talk about our experience actually defines our experience.

If you have been unconsciously viewing your slimming process as a struggle, realize all the pictures and expressions you use in your mind and speech are making this come true for you. Consider what difference it could make if you used more supportive images and words which would help you feel like a slim, healthy person?

Some suggestions for new thoughts/metaphors around weight-loss include:

  • I’m going to allow my excess weight to melt away, as easy as the snow-capped mountains melting in spring.
  • Just like when I first learned to drive I concentrate on eating only when I’m hungry and soon it will be habitual and I’ll have slimmed easily in the process.
  • With the anticipation of a countdown to an exciting event, each kilo/pound vanishes as quickly as each week. Steadily and surely my day will come.

Go on, do something different. Gina and I always believe that the proof is in the pudding… What if you believed that weight-loss could be easy and focused on that thought everyday really believing it for a month… What could happen for you?

It’s only after our clients learn to change their thinking around weight-loss, continually re-enforce the new belief and act from a knowing that it is true for them (even if they can’t fully comprehend it in the moment) that they see easy results. Is it worth a try for you?

About the Author

Lysa and Gina help women break free from dieting and emotional eating. They teach Intuitive Eating and how to get the Weight-Loss Mindset. Visit them at their website, www.lysaandgina.co.nz.

I really relate to Lysa and Gina’s approach to weight-loss because I used it myself to achieve success! Do you believe that if you believe losing weight is easy, it’ll be easy?

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Dr. Terranella May 3, 2012 at 11:02 am

Too often, I see people who try to lose weight the unnatural way. With your health at stake, the risks are too great to give up on losing weight, which means you cannot allow the inevitable failure of fad diets or diet pills to deter you. Thanks for posting tips on how to positively adjust your outlook in order to lose weight – a healthy way!

Head Health Nutter May 5, 2012 at 11:26 pm

You’re most welcome, Dr. Terranella, and thank you for your comments!


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