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Do It Or Age Quickly Book Review

written by Head Health Nutter February 18, 2011

In today’s hectic world, the most common excuse for not living a healthier, more balanced life is, “I haven’t got the time.” Celebrity trainer, JB Berns, blasts this roadblock for us in his recent book, Do It Or Age Quickly: 60 Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger, and Longer.

Last week’s post, Canada’s New Activity Guidelines Suck!, featured the opinion of Village on a Diet‘s obesity expert regarding the government reducing their recommendations in how long Canadians need to be physically active to see health benefits. But according to JB Berns, you can live longer and healthier with only a few minutes a day!

This book is perfect for open-minded men and women who are time-strapped and believe in a holistic approach to healthy living. Promising effective results, Berns shares 21 ways (that only take a minute each) to enhance almost every realm of life: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

About Do It Or Age Quickly

In a very easy-to-read, conversational style, JB shares with us his most valued health information and exercises gathered throughout his lifetime. Based mainly around ancient Eastern Taoist philosophy, wisdom and practices, he provides us a 21-step approach with 60 second daily “to dos” for getting and staying balanced and healthy.

Some of what you’ll find inside the cover of Do It Or Age Quickly:

  • Natural toothpaste that whitens teeth
  • Stress and fear reducing methods
  • Herbal tea that energizes and bolsters your immune system
  • Effortless stretches and exercises
  • Natural weight-loss and hair-preserving remedies
  • How to prevent male pattern baldness

About JB Berns

JB Berns is a certified personal trainer and has been studying martial arts, yogic and taoist training for over 20 years. He designed a safe, high-quality rebounder that’s been tested and approved by Cornell Medical Center, New Mexico University and the American College of Sports Medicine.

He is also the inventor of the bestselling cardio fitness workout “Urban Rebounding” and voted one of the Top Ten trainers by Fitness Magazine. “Urban Rebounding” was named a Consumer Reports Top 100 Product of the Year and can be found in over 5,000 gyms in 18 different countries — with over 12 million users worldwide.

What I liked most about Do It Or Age Quickly

Although a lot of what JB shares is anecdotal (based on both his personal and clients’ experiences), he explains why it works and it’s congruent with generally accepted health information many health professionals agree upon today. He cites studies where he can and also admits where research is lacking.

I love (and agree with) many of his beliefs in healthy living. For instance, you must reap enjoyment out of activities (and habits) in order for them to stick and he doesn’t believe in marathon workouts or straining oneself. He also believes in the healing powers of nature, raising one’s energy levels through energetic practice and living a balanced lifestyle which includes spending time (and not a lot!) on different aspects of your life – every day.

What I found fascinating was some of the more controversial, less known health information. Like the idea that it’s actually healthy and beneficial for adult males to divert ejaculation (semen is pumped from the prostate into other glands and blood vessels) and for adult women to halt menstruation (actually, blood flow is rerouted to the breasts).

(I’ll have to do more research in this area to be fully convinced, though. Heck, I might even give it a go and see what happens – he says all you have to do to start mensing again is to stop doing the exercises!)

Berns also pumped me up with his chapter on the benefits of rebounding. He says (based on several studies) that rebounding is more effective than jogging because of the added resistance of gravity. It’s also apparently easier on the joints so there’s less stress on the body. He believes only 1 minute a day is needed to see benefits.

What promises does the book make & does it fulfill them?

As the full title suggests, JB promises his 21 recommendations take only 60 seconds each. He says his system is easy, fun, and that anyone can do it. I haven’t tried all of the suggestions at once but some of these steps involve multiple exercises and even though they may only take a few seconds each, I have a tough time believing this daily routine takes only 21 minutes in total.

To give him credit, though, he warns in the Introduction:

Try to incorporate as many practices into your daily routine as you can. Some may take longer than 60 seconds in the beginning; it may take a little while until you’re familiar and comfortable with everything. Pick your favourite practices and build from there. Now, the key is, do this for 21 days… Whatever you keep doing for that period will form a habit. A switch goes off, and what you once had to remind yourself to do becomes reflexive and a part of your conscious and subconscious routine.

So what JB is saying here is that over time, the routine gets easier and ingrained so much so that it becomes second nature – like driving. Also, as with anything else in life, practice makes perfect AND efficient. It just might be possible to do everything in the book within 21 minutes. JB does it, why can’t we?

Any pitfalls or anything I disagree with?

Half of the book is filled with great exercises and ideas that cost nothing for the reader to perform. The other half… not so much. And although I have nothing against affiliate marketing, the products JB recommends are conveniently sold on his website. I was a little uncomfortable reading these parts of the book.

For those who absolutely trust JB’s word, they will certainly appreciate all his product recommendations. However, this is my first encounter with Mr. Berns. My trust in isn’t fully developed yet, despite his impressive credentials, like designing the Jackie Chan Cable-Flex System and appearing on the Today Show, CNN, CBS, NBC, The View and The Doctors.

For many people, I’m certain Do It Or Age Quickly will change their lives. Out of the practices I’ve tried, they ARE fun and easy to do so JB definitely gets points here in his process. Even if you only learn a few of the practices, the wisdom contained in the book is worth the $19.95 spend!

Have you tried any of JB Berns’ exercise programs or rebounder? Did you see results or have fun with them?

Disclaimer: I received a free, advanced copy of Do It Or Age Quickly in exchange for an honest review.

Do It or Age Quickly:60- Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger, and Longer: A guide full of the wisdom my friend JB Berns has gathered from Chinese medicineduring his years of martial arts training and teaching.

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