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Detoxify Your Body & Declutter Your Home after the Holidays

written by Guest Blogger January 20, 2016

Feeling a little blah after the holidays? Well, maybe you’ll enjoy today’s article by guest blogger, Ella, about detoxing your body and home after the craziness of the holidays!

Have you ever felt sluggish after the holidays, having an overall drop in energy levels and productivity? Well if that is the case, you should consider detoxifying your body. If you have any pain in the joints or muscles, as well digestive problems, then you may benefit (including losing weight!) through a nice course of detoxification.
Detoxification has been around and practiced for many centuries, from Asia to Europe and other locations. Regardless of different approaches, for the most part, the process is boiled down to purging the body from harmful toxins, allowing you to live a more healthy life overall through some simple changes in your diet and exercise routine and lifestyle. Eliminating the toxins from your life will help bring new energy and a chance to start anew.

The human body is a complex system of biochemical reactions, adapting to our environment and bearing the signs of our lifestyle in more than one way. With the way the world works today, there are plenty of toxins around us, breathing them in, consuming them and living with them. We can do our best to minimize our exposure and lessen the toxins by being determined and persistent.

All you have to do is follow some basic ground rules to bring your life back into focus and to renew your energy. Your body will love you when you deal with the burden of toxins!

  • Detoxification will help cleanse your body, helping remove toxins that have been plaguing you for a long time. You can do this by fasting and by taking care of this once a year or so and keep your energy levels high.
  • Detoxing will help you fight a wide number of issues so you can enjoy a more energetic life. Attempt to avoid (too) stressful situations, and you will feel better in the end.
  • Take some trips in nature or meditate to make your detoxing time easier.
  • You can detox several ways, when it comes down to dieting, you should make sure to eat plenty of fiber from vegetables, fruits and rice, for example. You can also drink green tea to cleanse and help your liver function as well.
  • Besides decluttering your body, consider decluttering your home, too. This will help make your home a lot more pleasant to live in, but at the same time it requires a great deal of effort. Start by separating your items by function and see whether you are really using them or not. When you have items you’re not using, consider simply getting rid of them. Waste removal and general property clearance are something you will need to take care of yourself or with a professional clearance company. Whatever your choice, this approach will allow you to free up valuable space around your home which you can then use to change it – just like you may change yourself!

About the Author

This article is granted by Ella A. an avid blogger, freelance writer and home décor enthusiast. She likes to write about healthy living, home maintenance and decoration. Her greatest joy is to share helpful tips and advises with readers from all over the world.

Do you detox your body or home regularly? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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