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Delish Detox Blender Recipes

written by Head Health Nutter April 2, 2008

A friend recently complained that he’s been feeling full, bloated and generally uncomfortable for several days in a row now, despite being regular. He’s been super busy at work all of March and under a lot of stress due to tight deadlines.

From my observations and discussions with others, the seasonal transitions of both Spring and Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere seem to trigger extra detoxing in the body. I suspect that the stress my friend is experiencing has been inhibiting the body’s natural and rhythmic functioning.

To help him out as well as anyone else who may be experiencing signs of toxicity , a gentle cleansing may be in order. But for those who lack the time or the initiative to do a full-out body cleansing , I highly suggest simply replacing a few meals during the week with green detox juice recipes .

If you do not have a juicer, like me, I use my trusty blender. Vegetables are often hard to digest but the blender does it for you! Plus, the insoluble fiber in the green helps to gently scrape your intestines clean of toxic waste that clings and causes autointoxication .

More like gazpacho than the more popular green juices, the following sweet and nutty concoctions are well-balanced green detox recipes created especially for the blender:

Almond Kiwi Delight

1 cup spinach
2 cups packed sliced kale leaves
½ cup raw almonds
1 medium kiwi
½ cup Ceres Medley of Fruits juice
¼ cup filtered water

makes approx. 12 oz

Pecan Apple Cleanser

2 cups spinach
3 cups packed sliced kale leaves
½ cup pecans
1 celery stalk
1 seeded granny smith apple
½ cup Ceres Medley of Fruits juice
¼ cup filtered water

makes approx. 20 oz

A couple of tips:

  1. DO NOT juice these recipes. The nuts, which I added for protein, may not juice very well.
  2. Put the nuts in your blender first to chop them up into tiny pieces, almost a powder.

I hope you enjoy these detox blender recipes. Let me know what you think!

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Otto Eroticism April 2, 2008 at 10:14 pm

Holy shit babe! This is just what I need for when I get out of Detox!

I, too, have felt bloated of late and find it difficult to fit into my two-piece, sexy bathing suit! Really, Miss Detox, where do you find men that tell you that they’re feeling …. and generally uncomfortable? Alas, this is age when sensitive men are emerging from the shadows to proclaim, “I feel bloated! Who, out there, can cleanse me and return me to a righteous alkaline and acid balance?” That’s your cue to burst into the room, where ever he is, in your skin tight Miss Detox (M.D.) super hero outfit, detox drink mixes in hand or, failing that, a commando version of an Enema Action kit.

Spying the dreaded hose apparatus, he’ll willingly engage in discourse about your wonderful drink mixes and wolf them down on the spot.

A job well done Miss Detox. Do you do parties?

Afshin Mousavian April 9, 2008 at 9:18 am

Steph, thank you so much for this article. The advise was great and the recipes where even better. The replacing of the meals is a great step in getting your body in shape for the season. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to more of your amazing input on detox diets.

Steph April 9, 2008 at 9:46 am

Oh, Otto! People confide in me because they trust me not to blab it around town or publish it on the web. Oops! That sounds more like my Mom than me. 😉

LOL. Otto, I love the visuals in your comment! I GOT to get me a skin-tight super hero outfit. *grin*

And Mr. Afshin, you are so welcome for the recipes. Green juices ARE fabulous ways to lose weight with calorie-deficient but nutrient-rich meals in a glass.

Glad you like ‘em. Stay tuned for more delicious green juice detox recipes on Live Lighter!

Iris May 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Is there a way I could get the Nutrition Facts for the Almond Kiwi Delight juice? By the way, it tastes delicious!!

Head Health Nutter May 26, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Hi Iris,

Thanks for reading! I believe Spark.com has a nutrition calculator. Just sign up for an account and it`s free to use!

Glad you love the juice! 🙂


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