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Depressed? A Few Natural Solutions, Kathy Walker & Vibrational Medicine

written by Guest Blogger August 10, 2012

Although I’ve been kicking butt in my financial life (see my book review on Debt-Free Forever), my physical health hasn’t been getting enough attention for the past 6 months. I’m a happy person usually but I’ve been sleeping about 9-10 hours a night! So thankfully, Kathy Walker is here for some tips to help with depression.

Before we get into Kathy’s guest contribution, which has very practical advice, let’s talk a bit about vibrational medicine because that’s her business. Basically vibrational medicine is energy medicine. I introduced this concept with my book review on The Energy Cure by William Bengston who has taken energy healing into the lab to study.

Kathy Walker, William Bengston and other energy healers work on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels to get to the root cause of physical ailments for permanent healing. I absolutely resonate with energy healing for the simple fact that contemporary medicine more often than not fails to permanently heal physical disease and illness.

A case in point is author, Leigh Fortson’s personal experience with cancer. After both surgery and chemo, her cancer continued to return. It was only when she decided to seek alternative healing, especially at the emotional level, that she finally healed herself of cancer. (Read my book review of Embrace, Release, Heal for more.)

Depression: Natural Solutions by Kathy Walker

Usually when people have symptoms of depression, the brain isn’t working optimally. Negativity and a lack of motivation can overshadow every day life. An overwhelming feeling of “what’s the use” can prevail.

There are as many solutions for depression as there are people suffering. Here are some ideas:

  • First, diet is priority. It is imperative to eat 3 times a day. If the brain lacks food, it can’t function, resulting in depression.
  • Make the effort to sleep 7-8 hours per night. Using a sleep mask can make the sleep you get much deeper.
  • Structure your day so that you do something you enjoy – every day. It’s the little things that make big differences.
  • Gentle exercise on a daily basis can also help. A daily walk can do wonders!
  • Supplements like Ginko or St. John’s Wort can be helpful.

In my 24 years of experience, I look for the root cause for each individual. Some of the issues for adults may also help children. Elements like oxygen and lithium can be brought to optimal levels permanently by taking Personalized Vibrational Remedies.

Sometimes the frontal lobe needs to be activated. Other times the nervous system needs to be healed. In each case the results permanently and profoundly change the brain function and moods.

Here is a case study to consider:

Depression in Youth

A mother called about her teenage son. He was suffering from depression and could not get himself to school. This was unusual behaviour for the boy because he was actually quite popular.

When I tuned into his body I sensed a virus in the spine. This particular virus also causes the spine to be sensitive to the touch. I asked to check this and he said he was too sore to be checked.

He completed the remedy I created for him. The depression left, the pain was also gone and there was a bonus, his brain was remembering much better than before! His marks went up dramatically.

Click here to read other success stories, including how Kathy helped one person who suffered from adult depression and 2 others who once had debilitating diseases (Crohn’s Disease and Endometriosis) until they worked with Dr. Walker.

About the Author

Kathy Walker of AskKathyWalker.com is a natural healer specializing in vibrational medicine and the creation of individual vibrational formulas. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and has studied nutrition, homeopathy and vibrational healing extensively. Kathy is known for her ability to intuitively identify and heal the causes of physical issues using a combination of psycho-spiritual healing techniques with individualized vibrational formulas. In her programs she is able to transfer her knowledge and teaching skills to allow participants to develop as successful healers. 

Have you had experience with any type of energy healing? Tell us about it in the comment section below!    

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