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Dealing with Detox Headaches

written by Guest Blogger October 7, 2016

Are you planning a fall detox to help recoup from the summer partying? Then you’ll love today’s article by guest blogger, Henry Kingston, who shares with us the low-down on detox headaches and natural remedies for them!

Going on a detox spree requires you to be both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated as it requires a lot of patience to resist your cravings and not give in to your rumbling tummy. You need to train your thoughts and condition your mind to stay away from unhealthy foods or drinks and also deal with the after-effects that come with it.

Do not go overboard with your detox as it may develop into mild to severe headaches depending upon the intensity of your detox. It is never a wise option to start something and then leave it mid-way as it may have more negative repercussions rather than benefiting the person in the long run.

Why do detox headaches generate?

Detoxification is like fasting that tells you to stay away from the food and drinks of your choice and this abstinence may lead to chronic headaches that need to be taken care of. During the detoxification process, your body cells release toxins that have long been accumulating inside them. As your bloodstream gets polluted with these harmful toxins the result is often a debilitating headache.

However, the intensity with which your headache escalates depends on the method of cleansing, the toxicity of the toxin and the way your body reacts when encountered with that toxin. Your detox headache may be confused with other types of headache so be sure to consult your physician.

There is a direct relationship between detoxing and the emergence of headaches that usually occurs in the first few days after starting your diet particularly, for people who have taken this initiative for the first time. Your body needs to come to terms with the changes it is undergoing and therefore it may react in the form of giving you tension headaches, cluster headaches or a possible migraine attacks. Your headache could be as minor as lasting for a few minutes or may go on for hours.

Remedies for your detox headache

The most immediate and outright remedy to cure your headache is using massage therapy. The logic behind it is that improves your blood flow to the brain, easing the tension and physical or neurological pressure. Furthermore, there are several things that you could take up to soothe your pounding headache, usually those associated with the sudden cut down in food and narrowing down of your appetite.

However you can at least tone down your headache or make it vanish before it becomes several hours long.

  • Sleep is a miraculous cure to headaches. Ensuring that you get proper sleep can shut your mind off from the perplexities of life. Take power naps and rest whenever you get time. You need to understand the struggles of your body and help it cope with the stimuli that you have induced.
  • Simply sweat it out by doing cardio exercise. Find natural cures to your detox headache.
  • Load yourself up with lots of water to help your body effectively tackle the body’s situation to expel toxins. Adding lemon to luke warm water can serve as the perfect detoxifying drink.
  • Use ice as an effective remedy to cut pain. The coldness of the ice reduces the swelling in the vessels that’s creating pressure on the brain nerves, curbing muscle contraction.
  • Listen to what your body has to tell you and do not be rigid in your principles. If your headache is killing you then you need to relax and go easy on your detox.
  • Do not create hindrance in the detoxification process by taking any external medication for your headache.

The fact that you are experiencing headaches is a sign that your efforts to detoxify are finally bearing fruit, so do not stress over it, in fact take it as a positive signal and continue your detoxification process proudly and with determination.

About the Author

Henry Kingston is a passionate Health blogger, loves writing as it’s his obsession. He has written on various topics like Healthcare, Home care for the elderly and about different other aspects of life. You can follow him on Twitter for more updates.

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