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Creative Ways for a Healthy & Motivated Relationship

written by Guest Blogger February 12, 2013

One of the leading causes of most breakups and divorces is addiction (money is another biggie). Live Lighter is all about health and balance, which doesn’t leave much room for addiction. So if you need some tips in how to manage substances, read this guest post by Jake Chavez!  

For many, addiction is the white elephant in the room, crushing families, tearing apart relationships and making the life of an addict one that is unmanageable. There are many solutions to this problematic pachyderm, or at least make life more enjoyable and healthy.

After reading through self-help books, researching substance abuse help sites and consulting the experts, this is a narrowed down list of suggested alternatives and solutions we found to be the most effective; here are the ones that have been tried and still remain true.

Catch a Movie

It’s true that movie theater ticket prices are increasing, but you are saving lots of cash by not going to the bar, so why not splurge a little and go catch a flick on the big screen? You can fly solo or get a bunch of friends together to see the midnight matinee.

Be careful about packing on the calories though, concession food at the movies is filled with empty, useless calories that can hurt more than help you in stepping into a healthier lifestyle. Yahoo offers some tips on snacking a little more smartly at the flickers. We could always shave off a cup of sugar and grease here and there.


Atheists might scoff at this, but many success stories in addiction recovery have come directly from people who decided to join a community that supports organized religion and the belief in a higher power or god.

Ed Young, a pastor who has counseled many addicts and their families and supports the concept of believing in a higher power, has quoted the apostle Paul who said in Romans 6:19, “You used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness. So now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness.”

Practicing religion can be a good alternative to practicing acts of impurity like drinking and doing drugs; adopting a healthy new lifestyle through a new system could offer you a healthier outlook on life.

Physical Activity

Getting into a daily or weekly workout routine can help an addict to feel better and have improved health almost immediately, also it can help you to exchange that beer belly for a six pack. Regular exercise can release endorphins, relieve stress and help improve a persons well being over all.

When you are enjoying your experience in recovery, then others will want to be a part of your recovery process. Getting others you care about involved in recovery can make it easier and increase the chances that an addict will maintain their recovery.

Practice Restraint

Get used to the idea of saying “No” to alcohol and drugs, while saying “Yes” to other more enjoyable aspects of life. You will begin to notice that social gatherings might be difficult to attend and it might be harder to mix with others, but after some time, you and your friends will acclimate and it won’t seem so strange.

While it’s true that you can still be the life of the party, you might realize that without drugs and alcohol, the party isn’t as fun anyway and you might decide you are happier as the wallflower after all. Sobriety is the best way to be re-introduced to the you you’ve always wanted to be.

About the Author

Jacob Chavez is a health and fitness writer living in the Sacramento area. He has written for several Spanish-language magazines and maintains a blog about sustainable living.

Do you have any suggestions in how to manage and treat addictive behaviour? Please share in the comments below!

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