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Common Threats to Men’s Health

written by Guest Blogger August 5, 2012

Are you a man who wants to live a long, healthy, vital life or a woman who longs to have the men in her life stick around for awhile? Today’s guest post by Jaime Heidel will be a helpful read then by making you aware of the most common threats to a man’s health. 

Despite what they might think, men are not invincible. There are plenty of threats to men’s health in the form of disease. No matter what health hazards are out there to affect the health of a man, there is always some way to lessen or prevent them. Read on.


Heart Disease

One of the number one threats to men’s health is heart disease. There are different types of heart disease men need to be aware of. The three common types of heart disease are:

  • Coronary Artery Disease

In this common type of heart disease, arteries are narrowed due to plaque build-up. Symptoms include angina or sudden chest pain. Men who experience jaw pain, sudden chest pain or radiating pain up and down either arm should get emergency help immediately.

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral vascular disease occurs when blood flow is cut off to the legs. When your muscles don’t get nutrients from healthy blood circulation, it can cause a burning sensation in the legs and feet. Other symptoms of PVD include loss of hair on legs, thick toenails, shiny legs and foot bottoms, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Congestive Heart Failure

When heart muscles are too damaged and weak to pump blood efficiently throughout the body, congestive heart failure develops. Common symptoms of congestive heart failure include swelling of the ankles, legs, and abdomen, inability to breathe when lying down, fatigue and frequent nighttime urination.

Prostate Disease

Prostate disease is another common threat to men’s health. Symptoms of benign prostate disease include frequent night urination, weak urine stream, inability to completely empty the bladder, blood in the urine, and lower back pain. By the age of 50, nearly all men develop an enlargement of the prostate gland. 50% of men do not have any symptoms while the other half suffers from a varying degree of symptoms. BPH, prostatitis and prostate cancer are the most common types of prostate disease.


Obesity is a serious to men’s health. Being just 20 pounds overweight can lead to chronic back problems, upper respiratory problems, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction. In order to reduce the risk of developing these diseases, it’s important for men to take care of their health by taking steps to get fit and lose weight.


Some men suffer from depression but aren’t aware of it because symptoms of depression in men differ from the symptoms found in women. Depressed men are at increased risk for developing an alcohol or substance abuse problem and may become aggressive and violent towards their spouse or other loved ones. Feelings of helplessness or thoughts of suicide are other common symptoms of depression in men.

Upper Respiratory Disease

If you smoke, you’re at increased risk for developing an upper respiratory disease such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Common symptoms of upper respiratory disease are chronic cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and chronic upper respiratory infections.

The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Health

The easiest ways to improve your health and prevent the development of life-threatening diseases is to take care of yourself. This means eating right, getting regular exercise, sleeping well, reducing stress, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake. They may not be the fountain of youth, but these tips can help you get the most out of the years you have ahead of you.

When it comes to men’s health, most of these common health hazards can be avoided. A little bit more effort and a little less indulgence is all it takes to make the first step toward a healthier life!

About the Author

Jaime A. Heidel is the founder of I Told You I Was Sick, a website dedicated to helping those suffering with mystery symptoms find natural ways to heal.

If you want to help your men live healthier, suggest an evening walk after supper with a promise of a make-out session following it – that’s sure to get them motivated off the couch!

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