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Cleaning with Vinegar: Myth or Reality?

written by Guest Blogger June 24, 2014

Who’s up for an article on how to be healthier (and a little richer)? Well you’re in for a treat today with this lively and entertaining post about using vinegar over harsh cleaning products by guest blogger, Silvia! 

In case you haven’t heard yet, there are many people who say that cleaning with white vinegar is, like, the next best thing since the introduction of the Internet. There are many people who were skeptical about it (including me) but after conducting some field tests, I can assure that the “salad dressing cleaning supplies” (as I like to call them, although I think I should think of a better name because this one is quite long and most people can’t be bothered to remember it; just ask my friends) are every bit as effective as advertised (well, not technically advertised, as I’ve never seen a commercial telling you to use food ingredients for cleaning, but you know what I mean).

So let me walk you through the whole process.

The Myth

I’ve read numerous articles where people have sworn white vinegar was a pretty potent cleaning product when mixed with a bit of water. Of course, that sounded like complete gibberish to me, because, come on – it’s vinegar. But when I thought about it (over a nice green salad), I realized vinegar had weak acetic properties, so there could be something to it.

Many people had said that they had used it to clean their dirty windows and what-not. Some even claimed it miraculously got rid of blood stains from their clothes (I don’t want to know how they got the said blood stains, just sayin’; also, I haven’t really tested this bit because it was hard to find volunteers to help me). There was talk about microwave cleaning, killing bacteria and all sorts of what seemed to me as crazy talk. And even the professionals like SE11 Kennington cleaners said that it worked so finally I decided to try. And after testing it, here’s what I found…

The Reality

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way – I am not a scientist and this was not a scientific experiment. The tests I conducted are strictly for practical applications and were caused by severe boredom and lacking what is widely referred to by people as life.

Now, how did I test it? In the window cleaning test, I had two identically dirty windows (the product of months of neglect) and I decided to use a commercial product on one and white vinegar and water (33.4% solution… or something) on the other. I used two separate microfiber cloths on the two windows. I used spray bottles as a means of application. I can confirm that the vinegar/water solution was just as effective as the commercial cleaner. You might prefer this method of cleaning because it’s more cost-efficient.

As far as stains were concerned, I used mud and coffee on an old white cloth and even though the vinegar fought vigorously with the stains, it was ultimately ineffective. However, I still managed to get rid of the pesky stains with lemon juice and club soda, but I can’t guarantee it won’t damage the cloth.

My ultimate finding was that white vinegar can be used on any surface and would be effective enough, but it’s not advised to use it on cloth.

About the Author

Silvia is a pedantic woman and likes everything to be nothing less than perfect. The cleaning chores are one of the things she just cannot make compromises with so she knows a lot of useful tricks which she decided to share with the readers.

Thank you Silvia for taking the time to perform your experiment and for writing about it! Does anyone else use vinegar to clean?

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