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Choose Electronic Cigarettes for a Healthy Smile

written by Guest Blogger March 20, 2013

 If you or someone you know smokes cigarettes, you might enjoy today’s guest post by Victory Lean. Let’s just see if electronic cigarettes are a bit healthier than the traditionally chemical-laden cigarettes… 

Dentists report that in order to have a healthy smile, one of the things people should avoid is smoke or chew tobacco. Smoking is one of the most destructive habits that a person can do to their teeth and gums; it often results in bad breath and inflammation of the mouth.

It also help speed up the rate at which the dentition on a person’s teeth is destroyed. Inevitably, this increases the rate of decay and will cause a person to need dental surgery later in life. Furthermore, smoking and chewing tobacco causes the unsightly problem of yellow teeth.

However, it is still possible to have a white smile without having to give up nicotine. The new electronic cigarette is the solution that dentists believe is a safer alternative to using tobacco.

Tobacco Can Destroy Your Teeth

Tobacco contains a lot of different toxins that are harmful to your body. Since many people tend to use tobacco by smoking it, the majority of the toxins will be concentrated around the mouth.This affects your teeth and gums in a number of different unhealthy ways.

First, the toxins in tobacco penetrate your gum line and create problems with the surrounding tissue. Many tobacco users develop gum disease or cancer. However, even those that are not diagnosed with these diseases have weaker gums than people who do not use tobacco. Weakened gums can lead to infection, and this can create the need for painful and expensive oral surgery.

Tobacco use can also create problems with a person’s dentition. The teeth have enamel on the outside of them, and the toxins from tobacco can erode this enamel quickly. In turn, this will create cavities which must be drilled and fixed by a dentist. These cavities can allow infections to get in your blood, and this can create a host of other health problems.

Tobacco Creates an Unsightly Appearance

Tobacco can have disastrous consequences for your health, but it can also make your teeth have an aesthetically unappealing look. Tobacco has been known to cause inflamed gums that may even bleed. The toxins from tobacco smoke also stain the enamel of teeth a yellowish color. Even if your teeth are otherwise generally healthy, smoking tobacco will make them look like you need dental work.

Tobacco also makes your breath smell. Tobacco smoke dries out the saliva on the tongue and the inner lining of your cheeks, and this can cause you to have bad breath.

The Safe Alternative for a Healthy Smile

Electronic cigarettes are being celebrated by dentists because they deliver nicotine to a user without all the harmful side effects that tobacco causes. The device works by heating up pure liquid nicotine until it is in vapor form. Then the user can inhale this vapor in order to get nicotine into their system through the lungs.

The benefit of this system is that pure nicotine doesn’t contain all the toxins that are present in tobacco smoke. This means that your gums won’t be constantly assaulted by all of the chemicals in tobacco. E-cigarettes do not mess up your dentition and cause your teeth to decay prematurely. Users who enjoy electronic cigarettes report that their teeth stay clean and white. Furthermore, their breath doesn’t smell, since they do not inhale all the toxins in tobacco smoke.

About the Author 

Victory Lean is a writer at Dicigs.com – an Electronic Cigarette showcase. She likes to share lifestyle tips and advice for healthy living.

It looks like electronic cigarettes might be healthier for your mouth. Do you smoke them? Have you used them to quit smoking altogether? We want to hear your story! 

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