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Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Life

written by Head Health Nutter June 16, 2009

Life is fun and easy. At least, that’s what my conscious mind would like to believe. I wonder if my subconscious is on board with me on this one? Hang on, let’s see… Darn. No luck. Ok, well, that’s cool. I’ll just use PSYCH-K™ and reprogram that puppy into my subconscious right now.

It took about 4 minutes, but according to my self-muscle test, it’s in there! And thank-You because people like Emmanuel Donchin, director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Pyschophysiology at the University of Illinois, suspect that, “As much as 99 percent of cognitive activity may be nonconscious.”

So I celebrate with a little dance in my chair. You’re welcome to join in the festivities because… Yay! Life is fun and easy!

This is only a taste of what I learned and experienced this past weekend…

PSYCH-K basic workshop: a life-altering experience

The significance of this amazing workshop still rattles my brain almost two days later. I’m still processing the information and reeling from the possibilities, so bare with me as I try to describe one of the most intense experiences I’ve so far encountered.

It was a gathering of 12 like-minded individuals working on being the best versions of themselves. We discussed life, love, and even more importantly, 9 of us learned a proven method for permanent change that if used regularly, will produce almost any life change we desire.

Plus, we were also certified to bring this all-natural, easy-to-use, personal development tool to YOU! That is, if you want it.

The PSYCH-K workshop instructor & host

One of the best indications of what a community is all about is, of course, the active members.

Maureen Koropeski (instructor), Elise Maxheleleau (host) and Deborah (facilitator & host’s assistant) are by far 3 of the most magnificent women I’ve ever met. During the 2-day workshop, they were passionate, enthusiastic, kind, open, compassionate, accepting, respectful and trusting. Talk about people skills, or what?

As the instructor, Maureen is highly skilled and knowledgeable in PSYCH-K, and oozes agreeable leadership qualities. As a presenter, she is lively, personable and a phenomenal communicator. I especially loved her entertaining and inspiring personal stories with PSYCH-K.

The gracious host, Elise Maxheleau, and her friend of 40 years, Deborah, were welcoming and organized. They created an atmosphere conducive to learning and provided us healthy snacks and bevvies to nourish our minds and bodies.

As a team, they each added their own insights to challenging questions and created a smooth, extremely rewarding workshop experience. And between demonstrations and filling in for facilitator roles, they most likely helped the participants create some real, lasting life changes!

On behalf of all the Toronto workshop participants this past weekend, “Thank you, Ladies, for a memorable life event!”

If you would like to learn PSYCH-K from an engaging instructor, sign up for one of the basic workshops taught by Maureen Koropeski. And if you want a savvy PSYCH-K facilitator in Toronto, contact Elise Maxheleau at: emax [at] sympatico [dot] ca.

What does this mean for Live Lighter readers?

As I continue to use PSYCH-K on a daily basis, I’ll share with you my most exciting personal experiences and report any significant life changes as they arrive. As I gain more experience and confidence, I’ll share this with more people and provide Toronto with another adept PSYCH-K facilitator.

Note: the beauty of this tool is that it’s all you, the skill of the facilitator is inconsequential.

Check out the other Live Lighter PSYCH-K articles and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when we learn a little more about this revolutionary personal change tool, it’s most enlightening aspects and it’s potential for both personal and global transformation.

My 1st PSYCH-K personal success story:

I’d like to share that less than 2 days as a certified PSYCH-K facilitator and I’ve already had my first session with an exuberant friend and 2 more have also expressed interest!

I used PSYCH-K writing this post. Did you notice a difference in quality? Please share your thoughts below!

If you’re ready to experience PSYCH-K, please contact me and I will help you locate a PSYCH-K facilitator near you: stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org.

PSYCH-K® is a registered trademark of The Myrddin Corporation and is used with their permission. Live Lighter and Stephanie Miller are independent of The Myrddin Corporation. For more information about PSYCH-K and The Myrddin Corporation, visit the website www.psych-k.com.

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Elise Maxheleau June 17, 2009 at 6:32 am

What a wonderful commentary on the P-K workshop Stephanie. Thank you so much for that wonderful affirmation. I am going to pass this along…and now I am going to check out your site. See you soon my dear! Keep balancing! Love E

Emmanuel-Motivatorman June 17, 2009 at 7:53 am

Thanks for this thrilling blog post on Psych-K, Stephanie! I can feel how excited you are in your writing!

I’m happy to say that I am that “exuberant friend” who had a session with you. Within 24 hours have been experiencing synchronistic events that must be connected to our session. It just feels I am reacting more positively with unexpected situations.

Hope you share more with your readers on this amazing healing method. I feel you are a master at this!


Stephanie Miller June 18, 2009 at 12:14 pm

@Elise Thanks for your comment, Elise! Props to you and your P-K crew! 🙂

@Emmanuel You’re most welcome for the post and I’m SO happy that you’re reporting positive effects from our session.

And yes, I will definitely be sharing more of this phenomenal healing method on Live Lighter!

Maureen Koropeski July 1, 2009 at 8:34 am

Hello Stephanie:
It is such a joy to hear how you are able to use PSYCH-K in your daily life, and to choose what you would like to create!!! Thank you also for the very kind words about PSYCH-K, Elise, Deborah and myself. Please keep me posted on your further successes!! Cheers, and hugs – wishing you a wonder-filled summer!

Head Health Nut July 4, 2009 at 10:56 am


Thanks for dropping by Live Lighter and for leaving your thoughts and well wishes!

Head Health Nut


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